Some Words From Santorum

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What would have happened if Santorum had become president? This little cartoon may shed some light on that question.

I did this for a class I'm currently taking, but I was curious to see what Newgrounds thinks of it. Don't watch if you're a troll.



Nice flash man.

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It's sad when people like him had a shot at being president. "Let's let an ancient book of mythology guide our present culture!" Thanks for making this. Santorum is just what the internet dubbed him- Santorum.

If you can find two homosexuals, in particular guys, who want to adopt a kid, you give them the kid. I work with gay people almost daily and some of them refer to straight couples(mainly uneducated couples if you catch my drift) with kids as "breeders." The gay people I know who have adopted ALL have successful and stable children.

On the other hand, I don't think Santorum would go that extreme in terms of the "hubris"(Santorum word lol) used in this video, but what he has said leaves enough room for people to make him look that way.

Meebs responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah obviously this cartoon is heightened, but I found that for me the best way for me to react to his ridiculous statements was to be equally ridiculous and tackle the man through an absurdist/over the top short. However, most of the things he says in this cartoon were based on things he's actually said before. He's never kicked a baby, but he has said global warming isn't real, that gay marriage is not a civil rights issue, and other ridiculous things.

Hi meebs.
"Being gay is not like being black"
thats some comedy gold right there.

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My thought exactly. Rick Santorum is a poor excuse for a human being. He recently said that an unborn baby has rights because it is a person, and I don't see him respecting the rights of gays. That and he wants to put a ban on porn! PORN! This man just wants to watch the country fall apart before his eyes.

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