Some Words From Santorum

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What would have happened if Santorum had become president? This little cartoon may shed some light on that question.

I did this for a class I'm currently taking, but I was curious to see what Newgrounds thinks of it. Don't watch if you're a troll.


Welp. I can honestly say that I'm not into the revelant loop of who is running for president, but as far as I am concerned they are all dipshits with flaws. I enjoyed this flash mainly because of the author comments. I want to begin using my animating abilitys for school, and that I can't stand overbearing pretentious religious figures who think that pressing there own personal beliefs on others. I scrolled down to see other comments and found out this is really controversial. Good Job man.

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Generic political cartoon. On the author's side: "Oh hey, we're nice, and rational, and intelligent." Not on the author's side: "BLARRRGH! I'M SCREAMING AND IRRATIONAL AND VIOLENT AND BURST THROUGH WALLS AND AM SECRETLY THE DEVIL!"

Grow the fuck up. That you couldn't make this without distorting what he said demonstrates the weakness of your argument. That you think his statements are insane are ridiculous demonstrates the childishness, lack of research and utter emptiness in your head.

Well, this is slanted. It elucidates some of the reason why I will register to vote but not go to the polls. Fortunately, we won't have to worry about any one of these crazies taking office (first time or once again) because the world will end on December the Twenty-First. Thank God, He thought of everything.

Well, this is a pretty stolid and one-dimensional send-up of candidate Santorum and his exaggerated brand of bible-thumping.

Like I said, this is slanted. Beyond belief. It expresses one point of view and exudes its own sort of bigotry by branding his staunch religious-inspired conservatism as a barometer with which to judge everybody else. What the hell?

It's also a chatty cartoon with a minimum of effects, yet the file size is a bit larger than a previous submission, "Barney Commercial #9". Meebs should take some hints on adjusting audio bit rates to different levels or optimizing the imagery. Also, the writing is stolid, stereotypical, and stupid. It paints Santorum as a complete monster thanks to confirmation bias (looking for only the things that justify your position while dismissing or discrediting anything that opposes it), girded towards a series of poor-in-taste jokes.

The results is that this falls short of expectations. Consult the "George Bush Show" or "The Kerry Kampaign", the latter by Jeremy Lokken. So "Some Words From Santorum" sucks, but there are cartoons to draw inspiration from on Newgrounds. Another shot, this time exposing an actual hypocrisy as an actual political cartoon, rather than nagging at the subject's viewpoint, makes for a far more entertaining presentation any day of the week. The production is lukewarm but can be improved, now all we need is something worth picking on. Any takers?

If you can find two homosexuals, in particular guys, who want to adopt a kid, you give them the kid. I work with gay people almost daily and some of them refer to straight couples(mainly uneducated couples if you catch my drift) with kids as "breeders." The gay people I know who have adopted ALL have successful and stable children.

On the other hand, I don't think Santorum would go that extreme in terms of the "hubris"(Santorum word lol) used in this video, but what he has said leaves enough room for people to make him look that way.

Meebs responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah obviously this cartoon is heightened, but I found that for me the best way for me to react to his ridiculous statements was to be equally ridiculous and tackle the man through an absurdist/over the top short. However, most of the things he says in this cartoon were based on things he's actually said before. He's never kicked a baby, but he has said global warming isn't real, that gay marriage is not a civil rights issue, and other ridiculous things.

I hope you got a good grade, cuz, I mean, I thought it was pretty good.

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Apr 25, 2012
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