Some Words From Santorum

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What would have happened if Santorum had become president? This little cartoon may shed some light on that question.

I did this for a class I'm currently taking, but I was curious to see what Newgrounds thinks of it. Don't watch if you're a troll.


good point,
politicians forget that not EVERYONE that votes for them is the same as they are. Especially the people that dont vote for them.

ALRIGHT. Everyone stop spamming your opinions in the reviews, and review the flash. Not the views expressed. It's a comedy parody, and it succeeded at least partially on both fronts.

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I agree that rick is seriously messed up. He wanted to run the country based off a religion, and authoritarian rule over how he interpreted the bible. As a libertarian, I couldn't stand this man. He actually made me defend obama... and if you know me, that takes a lot for me to defend obama.

So about your video, I understand it was about politics, but the animation was quite boring and the jokes kind of went in and out of the good zone. Apart from that it was decent.

While I certainly agree with the sentiment, the flash as a whole wasn't very well made. It was a little heavy handed, and therefore wasn't very funny. You were essentially giving your opinion (which you don't need comedy to do), and the few actual jokes weren't delivered well. Furthermore the plot is predictable and doesn't really add too much. It's supposed to be a "what if" situation, but it lacks the imagination those scenarios require to work. With some better voice-acting this could've been a decent movie.

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hahahaha hilarious I hate rick santorum he's a peice of shit.

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Apr 25, 2012
5:21 PM EDT
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