Some Words From Santorum

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What would have happened if Santorum had become president? This little cartoon may shed some light on that question.

I did this for a class I'm currently taking, but I was curious to see what Newgrounds thinks of it. Don't watch if you're a troll.


LOL! there's a brazilian deputy that acts just like this Santorum guy. To make this a brazilian animation just change the guy's name and face.

WARNING: Stereo types

For a parody on Rick Santorum this seems to be more of a parody of evangelical christians running for the presidency rather than Rick Santorum. Yes haha he believes the bible is the ultimate truth and that the constitution is based on the bible (both of these beliefs by the way, I do not believe). The humor just seems to be "lul christian" and although funny to a fanatical anti-religion atheist, I felt that with Santorum there is so much more comic gold than, gays should not adopt and God is awesome.

Why not go the extreme "gays should die" or simply refer to his very questionable views on birth control, his temper with questionares, or him almost calling the president a N!@#$% on television (thought you were going there to but just settled on confusion on what African Americans want to be called)

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This is a pretty great parody of Santorum. I know people say it's "heavy-handed" but that critique is inappropriate. The author is not trying to make a very intellectual story with a little kernel of wisdom. He's making a flat-out, over-the-top parody. And the sad thing is that actually, most of it is true.

As for animation and stuff, yea, pretty stiff and I noticed the adoption worker just vaporize the 2nd time around... but really, not like it was distracting or anything.

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Ha, good. Ill just leave it at that. No need to start a debate.

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Apr 25, 2012
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