Barney Commercial 9

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Barney the Dinosaur does a PSA on celibacy.
Produced by Ryan Wells.


Oh Barney... thank you for your endless well of knowledge.
This is a hilarious classic.
It's even more hilarious when people take these spoofs way too seriously.
Remember kids, smile and it will make for a brighter day!
Hyahyahyahoo! (Barney laugh)

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People find this review helpful!

Well, it's intellectual and moody, but I guess it works. "Barney Commercial #9" is another "Fartoon" that pokes fun at public service announcements and toward promoting self-control in regards to sexual behavior. In other words, it's all been done before and it's not that great a thing to behold.

Barney gives a frank and explicit promotion of celibacy that attempts to poke holes in its application just like Sarah Silverman's mockery of racist or sexist inclinations, promotion via irony. That's Barney the Dinosaur. The disclaimer is too long and big to read in the time given, so most people will miss the part where, if they do get offended, they will be hated on back. Taking offense and hating are different things, though one can lead to another.

Anyway, this is a simple cartoon, simple beyond belief. This is Foamy Rant simplicity, so the script should reflect the same level of wit and tenacity given the low visual gags. The ones that do show up are almost non-sequitur and almost expected. And not very funny as a result.

What this turns out to be is nothing more than a Barney impersonation that discusses anatomy and bodily functions completely off-topic to the real reasons one would practice celibacy. Barney is describing involuntary celibacy, a painful self-imposed reluctance to step into a game that obviously has enough pratfalls as it is. The trick here is that you cannot be offended by any of this--it's all been said before. Everything in Ryan Wells's "Fartoon" about celibacy has been done before in some other capacity and is, as a result, unoriginal at best and, at worst, uninspired.

The good news is that there is a bit of professionalism in the voice-over production and planning. It's short and to the point, with tiny file size in these 10+ times, which affords Ryan some respect. Yet, this stuff is a little on the vapid side. It's not quite what you hope for in a Barney spoof, but it's not an unpolished production. Two of Five stars.

not bad in fact besides barnie needs to go away. but it was well done congradualtions.

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Please don't make fun of Barney, I grew up watching him!

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Apr 25, 2012
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