SS14 - Ascension Insights

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9 insights, 2 man/boys, one video and a a great amount of learning that we believe will bring you closer to vibrating at the level of the divine. Its almost like were rubbing an ascension salve on your cultural wounds. So Enjoy! the people! Kisses! ~The Atlantis King

This weeks lesson goes into the insights of ascension from the book The Celestine Prophecy, we highly recommend reading this book for those of you beginning your path or wanting new information, however in the mean time, here is the abridged version of strictly insights on the process of waking up, clearing your negative habits, and releasing them to the universe to vibrate higher and changing frequencies of time, space, and matter itself!


I've actually always been able to see and feel auras, sometimes experiencing spontaneous shivers or chills when close to negative ones. Being Jewish I delved into Kabbalah as a means to understand my religion more from the mystical and spiritual perspective. One day I happened upon your videos, specifically the human history movies, and they tied into what I was learning and opened doors of understanding I hadn't realized were even present. Being of Aztec origin as well I had always been open to spirituality and I felt these two sides of myself harmonize as I sought more knowledge from what you summarized. I have discovered a great deal of higher truth and insight and many answers, with much more to learn, all tying together perfectly and I credit this explosion of understanding to you, and for that I sincerely thank you. I was lost and though I found comfort in faith, there was still a feeling of there being much more and now I've found the path I was looking for. As far as the animations go, I really enjoy them and the manner in which the subject matter is presented, it allows me to focus and still enjoy watching them and the language is enthusiastic and well worded. Thank you again, 5 stars!

You always say new videos every week, but they've rarely been weekly for a while now >:) :D you sneaky liar :P good vid btw ^_^

RiverJordan responds:

Ahh, whoopsies! New videos every week on Youtube because we upload more than just spirit science. Newgrounds is more just the animated stuff, so yeah there's less of it. there was 2 videos this week though! In consolation! :D

I actually see the faint glow. ._.
I told my mom about it when I was little.
she took me to a docter.
Now my mother encourages me to go frequently and take mediacations.
and in my school, im in the " Special " area. ._.
funny how the world works.
5/5 btw, amazing video. ^^

woah dude this is no coincidece(spelling?) thast i found your 'n your stuff on this place. this is such an inside joke to meh. :P and only in 2012 like not before.coolnesssss. live long and prosper.

I have no idea who you are, but i have seen Many of youre Flashes i find them interesting & informitive, keep up the good work! Always enjoy youre work, have a Great day XD

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