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Helicopter Blast

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First person helicopter shooting game. Play as elite helicopter pilot on a mission to destroy enemy tanks defense. Shoot your way through 10 waves of enemy tanks, unlock 9 trophies and beat the highscore.

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Honestly, i think this is a legitimate pile of horse shit. the graphics suck, there is no "3D" as you advertised, and this game is just Jackshit. Good day and at least try next time.

Graphics are bad, reloading takes no time at all. The only thing that suggests I'm in a helicopter is the cockpit that I am in. In Wave 2, the health bar of the helicopter along with the blood (?!) actually manages to block my view of the German WWII tanks.

I guess the better question to ask is, what 3d game is being advertised on the main menu? Because THATS the game we wanna play. Am I right or am I right? Second thing, why on earth do we have to press the START button 4 different times just to play the game? That's just retarded. Not even the worst designers on here make that stupid decision.

1. I'm an apache blowing up german WW2 tanks?
2. The only part helicopter about this is the ridiculous moving cockpit I have
3. This isn't 3d; the 3d is faked and yet is advertised
4. Reload mechanic on a helicopter? You could've at least made it auto reload rather than press space; if I were to play a game of this caliber I may as well only have to use a mouse

mindless, repetitive, unrewarding game. the basic fun "gimmees" that helicopter shooters have over others (ability to control flight, rockets, no reloading, massive splosions, plenty of targets) are entirely absent in this shell of a game.