Moon Horse 2: Sun Horse

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In this sequel to Moon Horse, we find our, horse, abandonded in space by that which he galloped upon so inductively.

As he flies swiftly for the sun, will he succumb to the voids deathly embrace, or encompass a new power? The power, of a star....


By Odin's grey beard I don't think I have laughed out loud until watching this. Thank you! Don't listen to Joe-You-Know, this was a fantastic piece. I would ask only to make longer animations! Ah! Fantastic hehe

falling responds:

I started making these really fast as a break between other work, but people seem to like them so much I might just have to spend some time polishing the next ones up. Thank you!

That was the most disturbing yet factual thing I've ever seen.

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falling responds:

I wish I could give your review 5 stars

This looked so promising. And then it looks like the end took a swan dive. This needs effect for at least the fire. I like the idea you're goin off here, make this longer and i'd of given this a higher score.

falling responds:

Yeah I just draw these things up for fun in 20 minutes

It's a little cute trippie movie, the music goes along well with the animation and the graphics are simple but effective.
Good job.

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falling responds:

Thank ya kindly

It's so short and rough, but I love it and it's original too XD
I guess I'm just a sucker for the randomness you dish out.

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falling responds:

Well I make them to have fun, so if I can entertain anyone as well then that's great :)

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3.49 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2012
1:36 AM EDT