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StateCraft is a multiplayer resource management and strategy game where players try to win the US presidential election. Players battle an AI powered by machine learning or another human opponent (via hotseat multiplayer) by travelling and campaigning in different states to try to gain electoral votes.

Our game is still a work in progress, so please help us refine it into something you would want to play by giving us feedback! Thanks! :D #dontmakefunofusplssss

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There seems to be some bugs with the interface. Some of the state buttons can be unresponsive if you've already done something in that state, and clicking on the national tab sometimes decides that you want to do the same as before instead bringing up the options. It's a nice concept and graphics. Your interface could use a little work as mentioned by MrMarf, but it dose suffer as all betas do from bugs. It looks good so far and I hope to see the end result. Keep up the good work.

Yippers responds:

Thanks for your encouragement and we'll do our best to root out all of the pesky bugs! :D

This could be a really great game, but like you say, clearly a work in progress. Some kind of tutorial wouldn't be a bad idea - it's really confusing working out where a 'turn' beings or ends - I thought this was turn-based when I first played! You really need some music. And the system for reporting the impact of an action is very poor - it's hard to read the little gray box at the top and since you have very little going on visually, it would be easy to use up some of this missing space to help represent how your candidate is doing. I think the list of actions is also a little limited - it would be interesting if repeated use of certain tactics could open up more options, e.g. if you use a smear campaign, perhaps you can eventually open up dirtier political tricks. And vice versa, if you develop a groundswell of grassroots support, you can then use them to do things you couldn't do at the start of the game. Understand how that might be complicated to balance, though, if you really want this to work as a 2-player (I only did it against the AI). Also - in terms of mimicking the real race - would be interesting to see if you could somehow factor campaign promises into the mix - e.g. balancing values with reading the political tides. There's a game that was developed about EU climate policy which did this really well... Google "BBC" and "Climate Challenge" to find... their ending summary report would be something that this game could use: how did you do? how many voters? what do your core supporters want? can you deliver on what you promised? Also - and realising this is now the longest comment ever - you need to help players identify which states are the priority. Being British, I had to pull up a Wikipedia page on U.S. States listed in order of population...

Yippers responds:

MrMarf, thank you so much for your wealth of feedback! There's so much that you touched on that we have a concern (mostly the things involving player agency/information) that we weren't sure how to play out, and there are so many more ideas that we would have loved to do if somebody brilliant gave us the ideas a month ago. Ahhh, we love your comment. :) We were initially scared to upload the game, unfinished, for the scrutiny of the interwebs... but thank you for the welcoming and the wonderful suggestions. :D

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Apr 25, 2012
12:23 AM EDT
Strategy - Other