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"There were problems during downloading of sector No.0x23F0.
Package data was corrupted.
Fix data and complete unpacking of sector No.0x23F0."

Collect missing bytes in order to fix corrupted data and expand level.
CONTROLS: Arrows to move, Enter to start\skip.

This is bugfixed version of my Ludum Dare 23 Jam entry.

Few words about ending: it's not a god tier and all, but come on, this is Ludum Dare game, I had not so much time to make MGS-style epic scenes. Some LD games even have no sound.

Anyway, I'm planing to improve many things after end of LD judging, so keep providing feedback.

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I thought this one was really fun. Once you get used to the jetpack physics and play around with it a bit, it becomes a ton of fun to zoom around the screen. Also, I felt the all-blue color palette fit the game quite well. A bit short and light on plot as some have said, but given that you had only two days to made the game, that's understandable. The music is pretty catchy, although it starts to get irritating towards the end after being looped so many times. I hope you create a sequel or expand the game, because I enjoyed zooming around!

The good :
- The graphics are good
- Nice concept well executed,keeps you hooked till you finish
- The music is okay but...

The not-so-good :
- No mute button?
- A bit "empty" in a sense that there is no real storyline (who's that guy with a jetpack? why a jetpack? for who do we need to fix data,really? etcetera)
- Because of the whole "no storyline" it feels a bit long and senseless

Conclusion :
- Good concept,good graphics,good ambiance,though it feels more like a long demo than a real game (it would be really interesting to see a more complete version of this)

though it was chill. i wanted to bash some ones head with a brick every time i blew up BUT!!!1 i didnt. good game dude :D

It was interesting, but the difficultly posed by the jetpack's incredible thrust made it difficult to control the character for tight maneuvers requiring quick reflexes. The ending wasn't very satisifying, but the concept of the game world expanding with each recovered section worked out nicely.

i missed some levels and upgrades for the jet pack.