The Scissor Kid

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The Scissor Kid is a superhero who's super power is that he has taped a pair of scissors onto his hand.


The gun shot at the end made me jump... My speakers were on to high...
Anyway great animation~ And the voices were spot on! :)

Fairly decent animation quality wise but one thing I did notice, you turned the volume up on the 'mom's' voice and the mic crackled just a very little bit. Now..
Gotta have fast eyes but it was a ricochet, the bullet bounces off the bucket and heads up and to the right. Expect a 2nd episode shortly.

This is exactly what would happen, or atleast the guy would have busted out laughing then shot the kid.

-animation fit the tale
-voice acting was good, the female was monotone
- like rsbuddy stated, the links to your twitter and youtube channel really took away from your animation and are eyesores. They belong at the beginning or end of your video.

Kewdos Cgray and TomstheVoice.

CGrayAnimation responds:

Completely fair point, I'll take them out.

Pretty decent. I like the way you did the glow from the tv. Oh and, criminal poops? nice

Cgray, don't listen to that illiterate faggot.

Your animation is just fine, if I was to critique on any part of your animation it would only be that the ending was half-ass and it seemed like you really just wanted to finish your project and start another.

But on the positive side, I noticed that you had a good sense for 3 dimensional objects and how to blend the foreground with the background. I think your art style is a little bit too tense, let yourself animate more freely without any mental restrictions like proportions or color schemes.

I look forward to seeing more of your stuff, the voice-acting certainly had effort put into it.

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3.96 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2012
12:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Original