The Scissor Kid

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The Scissor Kid is a superhero who's super power is that he has taped a pair of scissors onto his hand.


Well it is half decent humor is ok story is ok message is obvious and just meh but there are a few problems that kept pestering me like a little kid who wants me to drive him to town so he can fight crime wearing red and green for example why does the bucket has eyebrows? Seriously i kept asking that throught the vid and what was the point of the mom scene? if it was supposed to be funny well some people may say that but it was more of annoying than that but i definately liked the ending it really nails it and elevates the vid from meh to half decent not bad keep on working on humor and adding more point to the scenes and the general idea and you will nail it

CGrayAnimation responds:

The bucket has eye brows because it is a cartoon.

That is really funny!!!

i like how captain manly is the criminal at the end.

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Seriously, just to see the kid offed? Don't get it...

First, im sorry for the kid at the end, and 2nd of all MY NAME IS BEN! WHAT INCEPTIONARY IS THIS!?

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3.96 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2012
12:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Original