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asdlionko's second game demo


This game has a lot of potential but as a lot of people know there are flaws. Using the wall break to escape was nice except for the fact that the blue diamond could run away offscreen just as I did. I enjoyed it and personally love these dodge and avoid games. Reminds me of playing the floor is lava. Anyways, A good game, minor flaws. Fix the flaws and bugs, and resubmit, maybe add more levels and don't make it so short of a game. Add obstacles, etc. Have fun with this and be more creative.

1. Too short game, at least six to ten levels needed.
2. Too many bugs, walking out of frame should not be possible.
3. Sounds required.
4. Controls need work.

Fix those and it will be a lot better.
With a lot of work this could be a good game.

the game isnt so bad but i dont like it, other people might like it though

Well as a game is really short and very simple but i understand you and it is not bad but not too good to make it stay, but don't feel bad is really a great start keep practicing and hope you can make better games :D. I hope the other users don't delete it but the max i can give you is 2 stars and 2 points

For a demo... this would make me not even want to wait for a release. I say this is more of a demo TO a demo. Horrible, flawed, no instructions and worst yet, no real point or goal. No sounds, no music, and the utmost horrific thing yet: Nothing worth viewing.

I hate to leave such a harsh critic but what can I really say?

Music, sound, animated effects, a story line, a goal, a point, a better title, actual instructions, description, why the icon picture for this game was the only good thing.

I can't give a positive critic opinion when all there is to view is some kind of not even close to ready to play game. Even pacman minus all the cool colors would be better to biew.

Though I suppose there is some worth... I suggest adding a lot more in to this before posting it once more on to Newgrounds. I may understand that this is so sudden and brutal but what am I supposed to state? I could walk away and not even make a review but that wouldn't be much help would it either.

Keep up the work and try a lot harder before posting some thing like this. Just like "ShadyDingo" stated, add a lot more things and this could really really be worth some thing .5 stars for effort.

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asdlionko responds:

first game asshole

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1.22 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2012
2:48 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler