Hellfire Coliseum BETA

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So I've uploaded portions of this before. But basically I had to recode everything thanks to a dead computer. It's, however, better than ever! I love how it's turning out!
Functional Features-
Character Creation
All Stores (The "special offers" in the stores will eventually be a borderlands type random weapon/ item system)
-I've also included a shitton of money for you to f*ck off with_
"Battle" (obviously not quite. It's just the absolute basics)
Character Attribute Upgrades
Fighting Animation

To be made - A spell system (currently no spells)
Full battle (IE you will not be able to continually attack, enemies and you will actually die, loot and level up system)
Many MANY more enemies
"story" (imagine Swords and Sandals, more or less just a lot of individual battles)
training (pick a specific enemy)
random item and enemy generation
Pets - You will be able to get pets which you set to "attack" (continually attack) "defend" (add to your defense) or "sacrifice" (they will take damage like your armor does, and eventually die)
And anything else I come up with!
Obviously looking for feedback, enjoy!


A good start. I would also like to have a little music/sound whenever you finish up the game. Looking forward to the finished product!

This isn't a very top notch game, however this IS a beta so I will like to see where it is going with it. I didn't want to rate high or low because of it's current status. Make sure you put more backrounds of course.

This is the game you were intending on using my music for? Have you put more work into it since this iteration?

Still better then that Stupid Hunger games fake that was for April fools even though its still up and one of the most "popular" games ,Stupid Tom go die in a hole
anyway it looks like it could turn out ok

You copied "Swords and Sandles!"

wdelventhal950 responds:

Have you played swords and sandals? I actually mention it in my comments, but in reality this has very little similarity to the game, except that the "campaign" will be fighting battles back to back.

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2.07 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2012
12:24 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler