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You are PIXLE, a mysterious multi-form shade. Feel the unique high-speed flying sensations and reach the deepest part of the forest without crashing Shadow Tunnels. Can you survive?

1. Keep yourself alive by collecting Green Seeds!
2. Do Combo, more combo means faster speed.
3. Unleashing Overdrive mode gets you even faster speed, and gets you Chains!
4. Go as deep as possible! Distance, Combo, and other aspects will determine your last score.

Features exclusively composed music track and sound effects, for your audio pleasure.

If you like the song, it's a free download at http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/482737.

Play at our site to compete your score via scoreboard! http://blog.stellar-0.com /2012/04/play-pixle.html

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it was an okay game, smooth and no real bugs it was just lacking detail and any real challenge. its good to kill 5 or 10 minutes with. but the music was nice though so that gets a honorable mention :3 .

stellar-0 responds:

Thanks for feedback!

I liked it, it had nice music... but it stoped. it looked good... but i feel it could have been done a little better ar far as obsticles. the pixel was cool... but i didnt like how it only followed the y axis... OVERALL though... Amazing. Very good job!!! *thumbs up*

stellar-0 responds:

Thanks for feedback!

The music initially played at the start-up screen was enough to give me a little faith in the game as well as the first few stages played. The concept was fun but it did lack a little incentive to continue playing. In essence it was a watered down Robot Unicorn Attack with a tune that was less infectious with it's melodies and a gameplay/concept that was half-baked. Like another user said, go back to the workshop for a bit and spice it up a bit, maybe give it a little more thought and you will do well.

stellar-0 responds:

Thanks for feedback! Honestly, we didn't even know about Robot Unicorn Attack until yesterday. Really appreciate the game-play critique.

nice game :) :) :)

The game looked nice. The hits went hand and hand with the music and the idea was simple, but it was simply incomplete. It lacked anything beyond the instructions (which were actually rather unclear and hard to read.) And the game itself was unforgiving. If you messed up, you were done. Sometimes if you were doing good you would get one more chance to make up for that, but only one. I felt it just slowed down to a dead crawl after going fast and it simply lost the fun until it actually started to speed up again. It also lacked a pause or restart button of sorts. In my opinion the game has potential, but again it seems you got lazy and shipped it out far too soon. Like, difficulties also would of been nice to make up for the massive slow downs too such as instead of needing to be dead on you could be within a certain or so before it actually decided you have failed.

Again, taking this back into the shop and fixing all the small errors so they don't create a huge one would make this game far, far more enjoyable.

stellar-0 responds:

Thanks for feedback! Yours are detailed and very thorough, really helpful.