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Author Comments

Hello. This is my second game on this site. The game is very simple. Main goal of the game, turn all the lights. Move nodes connected by lasers. Only lasers can turn on the lamp. Place the nodes so that the lasers would have turned on all the lights.
Enjoy the game.


good game with one notable flaw. because of NG's design opening up the window further than it should, youre able to place nodes further out side your normal view allowing for some trickier angles to be pulled off... unless thats part of the design

fun and hard. its was kind of tough puzzle but i won!!!!!!! only if there was a create your own that would be even better.

I thought it was alright, but a bit easy. I found that some levels were WAY more difficult at random intervals.

IMO to do something neat with this go play Red Alert 2 and maybe do something with the prism tower idea: I.E. you light up the nodes to increase power, and try to take out things or something. That makes it actiony and puzzly. Make so you might have to take out things within a time limit, or take out waves of enemies by lining things up.

Who knows? But either way, i'd look for ways to improve on the game aspect.

Like a lot of others have been mentioning I found this version way too easy. The red blockers only helped me line things up, and on many levels I didn't even have to use all the nodes. Too make matters worse I didn't see anything new about this game. It looked OK, but I've played several variations of this same puzzler and yours has nothing new.

And just like every light'em'up puzzler I found myself expecting to see recognizable shapes, but no one I know has managed to do that yet. Give us more locked nodes, make the game more challenging, and do something that feels really new with it (add a story, change the format, or just make it into a really cool version of connect-the-dots).

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its a good game, it can become a great game if it were more of a challenge, it becomes kinda boring afterwards because it becomes easier instead of harder.

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Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2012
9:33 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other