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Harvest Time

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Manage the day to day operations of a busy farm. Remember to use fertilizer to boost your yield and shorten your harvest time. Once you have enough money, you can purchase chickens which will allow you to have eggs. When you are done for the day, take a rest and start a new day in the morning. You can always rest to start a new day.

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This game is admittedly not great. There isn't even the benefit of music or nostalgia like The Farmer. The color palette is like painting with vomit. It's really not good. Mediocre, even

I liked it... till the random clicking w/ fertilizer, my chickens are not dead, after a week of playing hunger games, *spoiler* and it only rained once in 57 days, I covered myself in fertilizer and and danced like Andy in Shawshanks redemption. "...Sh*t smelling foulness..."!

This is better than "The Farmer" in terms of graphics. But most of the gameplay is the same. For example the types of plants and the time for it to grow. It is also repetitive. Other recommendation would be adding interaction to the environment: like refilling in the well, climbing the trees or having other side quest.

I thought the game went too slowly. For the cheapest, quickest thing it still was 3 or 4 days, and that seemed the same for the cabbage. The fertilizer didn't seem to make all that much difference. I got bored of the game quickly, it doesn't help there seems to be no end goal to work too.

The site could do with a game like this, but it needs more work put into to make it worth it

Farm game, just click your whole life away....