Zombie Crypt 2

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01 Gerald lever 5 Points

Use Gerald to pull a lever

02 Bounce Ronald 5 Points

Have Ronald use a bouncer

03 Slice Gerald 5 Points

Get Gerald killed with a saw

04 Spike Ronald 5 Points

Get Ronald killed with a spiketrap

05 Bash Gerald 5 Points

Have a runner bash Gerald into his grave

06 Eat Ronald 5 Points

Get Ronald killed by a normal zombie

07 Crush Gerald 5 Points

Crush Gerald with a giant crate

08 Crush Ronald 5 Points

Crush Ronald with a giant crate

09 Crush Zombie 10 Points

Crush a regular zombie with a giant crate

10 Crush Runner 10 Points

Crush a runner zombie with a giant crate

11 Launch Runner 10 Points

Launch a runner zombie in the air

12 No skulls 10 Points

Finish any stage and get 0 skulls awarded

13 Stage 4 25 Points

Finish all stages up to stage 4

14 Three skulls 25 Points

Finish any stage and get 3 skulls awarded

15 Stage 8 25 Points

Finish all stages up to stage 8

16 Skulls x16 50 Points

Unlock at least 16 skulls

17 Stage 12 50 Points

Finish all stages up to stage 12

18 Skulls x32 50 Points

Unlock at least 32 skulls

19 Stage 16 50 Points

Finish all 16 stages

20 All Skulls 100 Points

Unlock all 48 skulls

Author Comments

Zombie Crypt is back, and better than ever!

Test your platform skills in this bloody puzzle platformer, and find out if you can clear all 16 stages. The game also contains 20 medals for your pleasure.

In the last game there seemed to be some confusing about whether the game should be played by either 1 or 2 players. Well... The game is meant to be played by just 1 player to add an extra dimension of difficulty. However you're obviously free to play the game with players.

Feedback is highly appreciated since development of Zombie Crypt 3 has already started.


[EDIT 20-07-13]
All medals fixed!


Never played the first one, but enjoyed this a lot. Think the idea of trying to play two people at once is very fun. Found the difficulty a little high somtimes though in terms of timing jumps and determining closeness to deadly things - somtimes I'd just be repeating the same move over and over again to get it right. Would have had more fun if that side of things had been a little simpler!

ThomSip responds:

I know, this was one of the major issues with the first part as well...

I came up with a way to decrease the difficulty without ruining the game, will use this in zombie crypt 3.

changing features?! i iremember i can use mario/luigi as a platform to get more highter or reach some coins or levers, what happen?

you changed the solid mario/luigi for a spiderman jumping wall! i want back the solid character T_T

good game i play it with my girlfriend!

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Hmmmm not too shabby. Controlling 2 characters can be a handful but its a fun little challenge of its own.

Well, the game isn't bad at all, but medals are not working. Fix this, please, and PM me.

really fun

ThomSip responds:

thank you :)

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Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2012
4:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle