My Little Parody: FWBIM

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Update: AUDITIONS HAVE CLOSED! Thanks, everypony who sent one in.

A call for voice actors/actresses.
Please contact cybersp0nge@yahoo.com with your "My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic" demos.
Note that there's more sex in this 2-minute teaser than there is in the entire full episode-length script, but it's still pretty "adult". So please audition if you're an adult and you're comfortable voice-acting in a cartoon that involves sex, drugs, gore, and the mindless destruction of viewers' childhoods.



"Mindless Destruction of viewers' childhoods"....

Or lack there of. Since most fans of the shows are adults.

Now...As long as the flash movie is presented with quality in animation and dialogue, I as a 'good' pony fan could still appreciate it.

It's hard as a Brony to feel like...should I be okay with this? Humor aside it's 'very' adult and not at all like the sexualization of the actual cartoon series.

(I don't even know how this show can be sexualized)

Can people's minds really not tell the difference between horse ass and regular ass? Yeah I can see how there are a few 'lesbian' moment between the characters but who says it has to portray it sexually? And I get it that fans suddenly portray them as sexy human versions and that can be kinda hot. But when they are their 'horse cartoon selves'? WHY?! HOW!?

Even "Zone-Sama" *linked to me by PM by someone, made an april fools joke about making an Adult Pony flash only to spit in your face saying how 'gross you are'. Even 'she' has standards.

But anyway, I'm just glad you're pulling more towards the 'funny' side. As there is an appeal to this sorta thing for 'ALLOT' of um....'bad pony fans' or as I like to call 'Pony-Philes'.

You can use that term if you want - "Pony-Philes"

As it I consider it somewhat 'demented' to wanna masturbate to cartoon horses.

But....if your a 'furry' as the term is called. Who am I to express hate. Or even in this parody?

I'm all about the theme of 'Love and Tolerate'.

As long as it's not you know...breaking the law or violating ethical grounds for malice.

So don't violate the "Cutie Mark Crusaders" okay. They are just fillies after all.

I would also recommend the option to have a 'Censor Bar' option before playing the movie.

I think the male voices made it fucking hilarious and I wish you luck finding someone.

LOL can't wait for when you get female VA's but the meta-humour in this was amazing xD

omg i laughed soooo hard hahaha chris rock... pinky hahahahahahahaha.....

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