My Little Parody: FWBIM

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Update: AUDITIONS HAVE CLOSED! Thanks, everypony who sent one in.

A call for voice actors/actresses.
Please contact cybersp0nge@yahoo.com with your "My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic" demos.
Note that there's more sex in this 2-minute teaser than there is in the entire full episode-length script, but it's still pretty "adult". So please audition if you're an adult and you're comfortable voice-acting in a cartoon that involves sex, drugs, gore, and the mindless destruction of viewers' childhoods.

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so is this thing not really happening? That...fuckin' sucks. I bet the full thing would've been hilarious. ..A lot like Hotdiggedydemon's .Mov. I love that adult pony shit, haha.

Bummer. I wonder what NotSafeForWork is doing nowadays.

So, six years.

I watched this on a dare, and now I got two questions. One, is that the same guy who voiced in Piemation's pony vids? and two, WHAT THE FUCK WAS I HEARING!

well thats enough newgrounds for today

I'm kind of turned off by cloppers. I feel so bad "The Ultimate Orgy" was made in 2006. We've made so many more cartoons with their own porn by this time! Anyway, the animation was great. It just wasn't very funny. How was this adult?

I didn't see any graphic depiction of genitalia. Well, maybe I should have looked harder. Uh...I wouldn't want to do that. I'm not interested in partaking in this. An Ultimate Orgy remake?