Vanish Rain

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Vanish Rain prologue tells the story of Anna, one of the little survivors of the Vanish Rain incident. She is somehow immune to the virus and managed to survive. The only reason for her to live is to find her lost brother. Now she has to wait for his brother to show up at a place they last parted and survive for the next 15 days before Riverhead city is bombarded.

Game Features:
- Use up to 15 different weapons
- Fight up to 15 different zombies and a Big Bad Boss
- Challenge your skills with exciting Challenge levels
- Survive 30 days of hell in Survival mode

TIPS: While you are at Game Menu, you can pop out a console menu by hitting SPACEBAR. To close the console menu, hit the Close button at the bottom right of that pop-up.


Nice game,
to make it more fluid, you should be able to keep your weapon selected in the next rounds and fire automatically even for semi-auto weapons, as well as after reloading. Another small thing is that the combo ranks can get in your way, blocking your view from zombies in the right corner.

Aside from that, nice work

Even if this type of game is extremely cliché playing it does provide a good dose of entertainment; various enemies and weapons, increasing levels of difficulty as the game progresses, accumulation of points and capital, etc. Visually the game provides a good appeal and works well with the game play although the game is lacking an extra touch; something that will make the player continue to play and waste the hours away. This may come from the fact that this genre is, again, cliché and possibly the fact that it is lacking a substantial storyline besides the brief narrative at the beginning. The most enjoyable facet, personally, was the sound design; including the texturally pleasing ambience. All in all there is great potential in "you" to create other worlds through flash games; don't give up.

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Was fun to kill a couple of minutes not the most original game on earth but everyone loves to slaughter zombies >:D

three head shots to kill way too many.

Not interesting, laggy, not very fun to play, felt finda messy, also an intro would have been nice; kinda just throws you into the gameplay.

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3.32 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2012
12:18 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed