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Tiny Visitor

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SPACE - Confirm/JUMP

This is my entry to Ludum Dare 23 - You can download the source at the entry page (Search for Tiny Visitor) -
compo/ludum-dare-23/?acti on=preview&uid=11474

I'd love to revisit this in the future and polish it up!

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I have to agree with sircllckalot3, some thing can be improved, I however, enjoyed the game very much! The graphics were cute, fun and "attention grabbing", the enemies provided an excellent level of difficulty and you really felt like you were actually, so-to-say, a tiny visitor!
I especially loved the music on lvl.3 , sub-lvl.
... It made me feel ever so eager to reach the top!
If there was one thing i could change, it would be the movement of the bosses minions on lvl.3... Maybe just up and down?
Thank you for the great game!

I dunno what'swrong with that guy under me. It's a very cute game! And even with very limited controls you were able to make bosses. That's pretty impressive! At least i think so...
Anyway just ignore that guy below me. No one likes haters.

broken hit boxes, frustrating jumps, and shamelessly stolen music. i give you a 2 for effort since i know how hard it is to make a good game. good luck in your future projects.

Very good game. My only complaint is the boss at the top of the Might Tower is very very very difficult with only 3 bugs to provide the 3 needed bounces to bop the boss, AND you can't be damaged other than when bopping the boss. Very challenging, but also frustrating. I did beat it (Yay me), at least. Also, props for The Final Countdown 8-bit song.

Pro tip to others: Believe it or not, the beetles on the tree are predictable. They have 2 distinct moving patterns occurring at the same time: a constant moving speed, which differs with that of its branch partner if there is one, and the timing between jumps is the same, and again differs with that of its branch partner. You have to pay attention to these and it will be (somewhat) a piece of cake.

OMG! This game was so dan fun! I actually cant believe he survived that first huge fall :3