Dash'n Knights

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Combo Apprentice 5 Points

Hit 10 combos!

Counter Apprentice 5 Points

Do 10 counters!

Damage Apprentice 5 Points

Hit 100 damages!

Defense Apprentice 5 Points

Defend from 10 attacks!

Healer Apprentice 5 Points

Use potions to recover 100 HP!

Perfect Combo 5 Points

Execute 2 consecutive combos!

Perfect Counter 5 Points

Manage 2 consecutive counters!

Perfect Damage 5 Points

Manage 3 consecutive damage!

Combo Master 10 Points

Hit 100 combos!

Combo Veteran 10 Points

Hit 50 combos!

Counter Master 10 Points

Do 100 counters!

Counter Veteran 10 Points

Do 50 counters!

Damage Master 10 Points

Hit 10000 damages!

Damage Veteran 10 Points

Hit 1000 damages!

Defense Master 10 Points

Defend from 100 attacks!

Defense Veteran 10 Points

Defend from 50 attacks!

Earth Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 earth damage!

Extravagant 10 Points

Spend 1000 or more gold!

Fire Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 fire damage!

Healer Master 10 Points

Use potions to recover 5000 HP!

Healer Veteran 10 Points

Use potions to recover 1000 HP!

Hyper Combo 10 Points

Execute 4 consecutive combos!

Hyper Counter 10 Points

Manage 3 consecutive counters!

Hyper Damage 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive damage!

Hyper Overkill 10 Points

Manage 3 consecutive overkills!

Last Man Standing 10 Points

End a battle with only one member left in Extreme mode!

No Damage 10 Points

Finish a battle without taking any damage in Extreme mode!

Overkill Apprentice 10 Points

Overkill with 50 damage!

Overkill Master 10 Points

Overkill with 1000 damage!

Overkill Veteran 10 Points

Overkill with 500 damage!

Overwhelming 10 Points

Finish a battle in only one turn in Extreme mode!

Perfect Overkill 10 Points

Manage 2 consecutive overkills!

Rich Man 10 Points

Have 5000 or more gold!

Special Combo 10 Points

Execute 6 consecutive combos!

Special Counter 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive counters!

Special Damage 10 Points

Manage 5 consecutive damage!

Special Overkill 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive overkills!

Treasure Hunter 10 Points

Collect 1000 gold!

Water Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 water damage!

Wind Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 wind damage!

Complete Game 25 Points

Finish the campaign!

Perfect Game 100 Points

Finish the campaign with all challenges cleared!

Author Comments

Follow Dash and his fellow Dashing Knights in their adventure to uncover a mysterious evil organization on the northern continent!

Play as the Dashing Knights in this unique pool version of turn-based strategy/RPG hybrid! Beat every level and it's additional challenge to unlock various upgrade and lots achievement along the way.
Can you help the Dashing Knights complete their journey?

Control: Mouse Only
- Choose Move command and pick on enemy direction to move towards them. When hitting enemy, your unit will automatically attack them.
- Choose Defend command to stay in place and reduce half damage from any incoming attack.
- Choose Counter command to stay in place and automatically attack anyone that hit you.
- Choose Item command to use various potion and equip elemental weapon in battle.

1st Daily Feature? Cool! :D
Thanks for all the feedback and comment! There are a new version uploaded ^^

- Add new tutorial
- Fix durability/element weapon upgrade mix-up
- Revise path guide size
- Spacing up the action panel to avoid wrong click
- Change No Move challenge to Half Speed


So many complain~~~ but i still like it =3=

Quite a good game but i agree with some of the previous people, after a while elemental enchanting is everything.
1 bug however... it ate my game as i killed the platinum mode of area 4.

tempalabs responds:

Sorry, I don't understand about the bug. Can you elaborate more?

I like the idea, but the execution leaves something to be desired. Some particular issues:

1: Needing to spend upgrade points to get the party members is inane. Especially when they start with no experience

2: The game is glitchy. Enemies will get stuck on obstacles, each other, and occasionally nothing at all. Sometimes they get their turns skipped. And, worst of all, I've had them suddenly start taking 1 damage from all attacks (2 from criticals)

3: It's too slow. Strip out the transitions, and speed up the sliding

4: The item system really discourages you from using it. You have to upgrade items to make them worthwhile, they're temporary, and equipping one eats a turn

5: The level curve is broken. Having the experience to level double each level is okay, but only if the XP you get keeps up. And it doesn't

6: There needs to be a way to zoom out. With high speed, it's not uncommon for the camera to be a real problem

7: The double turn system is broken in several ways:

7.1: It's not terribly uncommon for pushing an enemy at full force to not really be a good idea, but you'll try to anyway because an extra turn offsets the loss and then some

7.2: It's just kind of broken, steamrollering the difficulty if you have good timing. And really frustrating if you don't

8: The whole idea of knocking enemies into things doesn't really go anywhere, since it's rare to see damage values above 1 pop up

9: The block and counter options would be more useful if it wasn't so very easy to completely outstrip the enemies' move ranges

Lots of people find this review helpful!
tempalabs responds:

Thanks for all the detailed feedback. I have uploaded a new version that should speed things up a little.
About double turn, yes, it may be game breaker if it's easy to achieve. That's why I use charge bar mechanism to it not easy to do.

This stuff is nicotine, dude! I have been playing this freaking game for hours and it's amazing how I can never get tired of it! I think the best part is probably how the monsters are so wonderfully designed. It's great to see all this crazy stuff going on. It broke my heart on that one level with the black dragon, I managed to beat every enemy and even had the dragon down to a fourth of his health and I still lost! I have no clue why this isn't the #1 spot on the all time best.

The music is fantastic, completely flawless. I love how there's such a great attitude of adventure and everyone looks like they're having fun. Well, the characters in the game I mean. I'm certainly having as much fun as them. Most of the time I get medals without even knowing what I'm supposed to be doing. It all adds up to a fantastic, flawless game, friend!

tempalabs responds:

Thank you for your encouraging comment :)
Hopefully this game not doing you any harm like nicotine :D

Overall, this is a great little game and has much potential easily unlocked with a few small but significant tweaks.

Before going over said tweaks, let me just commend you on such a fun and inventive little game. The combat system is very unique and the concept can evolve into something amazing if you just adjust some things. The pixel art is adorable <3

Now, here are a few things to consider for 2.0:
1. As mentioned by RickyTheFish, transitions are pretty, but they're repetitious. Instead of replacing them, however, I believe all you need to do is speed them up so the transition is there but it doesn't demand too much attention.
2. A huge problem detrimental to gameplay at times is the camera. When enemies or coins are offscreen, you forget about them. A simple solution is to make the camera follow the current active character, that way when they move the camera doesn't stay behind and the player has to look around for the character.
3. Sliding slows down gameplay painfully. Try adjusting speed and friction so that characters go just as far, but they stop sooner. This would speed up combat a lot since everyone moves every turn.
4. The element icons could use some work. Everything else looks really nice, but those just don't fit in with the pretty pixel art around them. They use gradients also, which really clashes with all pixel art.

That's my two cents. Just look over those four things and make a few more suggestions here and there based on what other users say and you'll turn this good game into a great game. Good luck!

tempalabs responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I have incorporated most of your input in the latest update. Check it out!

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Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2012
5:23 AM EDT
Strategy - Other