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Eulogy For 'Banana pancake decoration'

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04-23-12 – 04-24-12

Author Comments

Today you can have something special for breakfast, play this game and you will see how you can cook a big stack of banana pancakes. Use different ingredients like bananas, eggs, honey, vanilla, and much more, combine them, add a glass of milk, and you will have the perfect breakfast.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Sim ple graphic and easy to do game. Not too engagin, but something to pass a couple minutes with. The looped music is too short for my taste, but is otherwise all right. The amount or choices is limited, but acceptable due to the subject matter.

All in all, not to bad.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

just no


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I normally try not to be negative for games, and it is difficult for this one. It doesn't even take more then a couple seconds in order to end the game before playing again. However, there is a lot of potential with this game.

Here are some sugestions:
1) Make a better soundtrack. That soundtrack is to short, and very annoying. For something like this, you need a more soothing sound while playing.
2) Make more options. Add click and drag options instead of just a few different versions of each piece. Also allow for more pancakes and different shapes.
3) Allow an actual cooking process. It is said that this is a cooking game, yet you don't cook. Make it so you make the pancakes

Those are only some of the suggestions I can offer for this game. As you are the devloper I do not want to sit here and completly write your game as you must learn on your own. These are in no way to be offensive just ways to improve. Though something I would like to add. I persionally do not see a point to playing this game as there is nothing you are working for. I can see it as being a sandbox game but it needs more options if that is what you are going for. This game concept has potential, but needs a lot more revamping before it will be able to hold up against any of the other submissions here. Hope thsoe sugestions helped.



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2.36 / 5.00