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walk cycle animation

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Apr 22, 2012 | 7:50 PM EDT

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my college asked me to do an assigment where i had to produce a looping run walk cyle and then something else was suppose to happen after wards so i did a walk cycle and someone running past. not exciting i know but i believe i will get a distinction for this, i did it in the usual Newgrounds style because the animators here inspire me. i know the sounds not brilliant and the movement could be amplified and the story more interesting but it's my first 2d animation so gimme a break... or just some comments. :D

p.s: i would love to work with other animators on projects or movies , i learn quickly and have produced other animations since this one, i have got drawing skills even though they cannot be seen in this animation. just message me ok. :3



Rated 3 / 5 stars

I think it is okay i love the animation!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Two questions:
1. How many layers did you use for the background (out of blunt curiosity)?
2. This is EXACTLY like something were doing in my 9th grade animation class....... so could you send me the file for this so I can use it for a project? i know its asking a lot, but I REALLY dont want to fail this class. Flash is easy to use for me, but its the actual DRAWING and ANIMATING I have a problem with. The closest I've ever come to drawing a fully rendered original character was a stick figure. It would be much appreciated.

omgshenice responds:

i used 1 for the sky wich was just a blue gradent, 1 for the sun wich is just a yellow- ish circle with the edges made fuzzy. 1 for the trees and the field 1 for the moutains 1 for the back grass and the front grass each and 1 for the path. then i tween them seperately to move at diffrent times. i not sure about sending you the file because you could get in trouble and so could i. tell ya what, just use your stick men to draw the construction lines fo your walk cycle, you can refer to walk cycles on google, then just draw your character onto the stick man on a seperate layer using the stick man as a guide, if you continue to struggle email message me again and i'll have to send you something to help you. goodluck and at least try on your own ok. i will send you pictures of my book for this animation. i'm a distinction student so i can help. :)


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You did a great job, and I think it's a really good building block to take and make a longer flash with. A story line or some other kind of context added onto this flash would turn out great. I hope more animators notice this, you've got some skill and originality that I really enjoy! Hope to see more from you!


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You have good character models, and you utilised the SFX well.

About the walk cycle itself:
-You have a clear awareness of the body's joints and their natural range of motion, however, the body's left and right side is unevenly balanced. The left leg should move forward as the right arm does, likewise, the right leg should move forward as the left arm does.
-Just keep the motion of the arms consistent. 'Back and forth, back and forth'. You do this well, but it didn't show because the series of frames just didn't loop properly.

I know this sounds highly critical, but I'm only offering constructive advice. You demonstrate loads of potential & skill, here. I admire the influence that comes through in the backgrounds(reminds me of JohnnyUtah's style). Stay inspired and keep animating! :)

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omgshenice responds:

thank you, it's comments like this that is greatly appreciated, will remember this for my next animation and thanks especially for comparing my style to someone else's. <3 i'm feeling very encouraged now. xD


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Won't load

omgshenice responds:

it works for everyone else soooo... try again plz and sorry about the inconvenience.