Tower of Crud Beta

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First 13 views, sorry i forgot to move stuff that was their for quick testing.

Now with 4 full levels.

Arrow keys to move.

spacebar to place trap.

Get key to progress.


Definitely has gotten better than the other testing levels as now it has a challenge as you couldn't really lose all your three hearts on the first level but now that there are mutiple levels you need to think which way has less creatures. One thing that could be added is that in some places their are two doors and two keys and you need to open one door to get to the exit door.

Anyway good job!

Lochymacleod responds:

Thanks for the feedback, yeah the 2 keys thing sounds like a good idea thanks, i am working on getting smooth movement.

I thought id seen the end of this game 2 versions ago you need to improve the gameplay and character speed still an improvement.

Its a game, it has no sounds. That is very necessary for a lot of gamers to keep their attention. Other than that controls are a bit stiff, and sometimes the pokemon would hit a box, and not die. Maybe practice your drawing skills too and not use images available on the internet for one of the main parts of your game.

Lochymacleod responds:

Thanks for the feedback, i have an artist but i wont see him till tomoro

Interesting game but I'm afraid the control system feels rather crippling. If you could make it a little more fluid it would greatly improve the playability.

Lochymacleod responds:

I am working on the player movement as we speak.

the ONLY thing amusing is the idea of killing pokemon with crap... of course with this you should have admitted it was crap and put the file in the recycling bin

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1.74 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2012
5:22 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler