The End - Minecraft [ML]

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Hello Newgrounds :D
This is my first flash on NG.
But not my very first.

The Ender thing is a true story bros, oh and by the way.
Purple eyes are not scray ^^

Well the idea behind this flash is very simple.
Austin ( Amtrax91 ) do sometimes his english comic dubs thing on YouTube.
He found a comic on Deviantart by Pathen called "Worse than Creepers"
So he made a fantastic comic dub.
I saw it and was just like WTF O_o
So I asked him if I can make a animation based on the comic and his dub.
Well, this is the result of our work .

The ML means Multi-Language
The flash contains english, german, spain and japanese.
I wish I could put in the others but Flash is such a bitch =_=
So only 4 languages, but you can watch the others on YouTube.

Links are in the flash menu.

The original flash file was to big, so that is just a flv movie in the flash. The quality on YouTube is much better.
Everything is made in Flash 8

Thats it!
Have fun and thanks to everyone who watch it. <3


Good thing I never kill creepers or look at endermen! Poor dude, but good animation!

Now this is a good animation, I don't right reviews often but this is well worth one. The animation is interesting, the slow motion really reminds most of us on how time seems to fly by when you are underground. the textures and effects you used where well done and well place through out the animation. The wording and voice actor where really supered and really adds to the eerie feeling of the fear and desperation that run through ones mind as all life seems to slip away. And the twist you added at the end, good idea. I sware I have never seen any other minecraft animation do that before. I'm glad to see that there are still some fresh new ideas out there.

When I first time I encounted that thing ((just a few days ago since i had to take some time off from minecraft after my computer crashed)), I screamed in real life and ran like my ass was on fire. Second time, wasn't so lucky. Got ambushed by a creeper and one those things and a tip to all new players to the game. Don't make the same mistake I did, I didn't know at the time that looking at those things will cause them to attack. Unless you got a pumpkin on you head, then they just stare at you. Unless you a equipped to armour and weapons and know what you are doing, do NOT approach.

Over all, I give you animation a vote of 5/5 and 5 star rating. Keep up the good work and I will be looking forward in seeing more work from you.

this was truly amazing! I loved the plot and storyline!

I personally really like the animation and the cool texture and music of the animation top job keep it up!

Thats sad man but i have no choise but to be afraid of creepers they always blow me upp v.v

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Apr 22, 2012
12:56 PM EDT
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