The Moleman

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I clipped some sound pieces from an episode of Wreckless Media Radio. And tried to create some sort of coherent narrative with it. This short cartoon is the result.

The guys at WMR came up with the concept of "The Moleman". They are a comedy talk radio show. Definitely go check 'em out http://www.wrecklessmediaradio.com they are fucking hilarious!

Also check my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/svenstoffels
More stuff to come!


I cant believe it! Frontpage! thnx guys!


It wasn't really funny, pointless and close to horrible jokes, good animation though but not even the animation could save this cartoon.

Im not pretentious about pedophile jokes but i can be pretentious when pedophile jokes arent funny and just seemed to be forced.

At the begginng i saw the animation and i thought: "fuck, awesome animation and drawing". Then the main character showed up... it fucked everything. Ok, pedophile jokes can be funny, when they are used with intelegence and when they arent overused in a single video, specially when they are about the main character. I mean you just threw random pedophile jokes at people, and thats not funny, thats low creativity.

I think you are wasting your skills with stupid plots, but whatever, its your choice.

Definitely not worth the 17 mb download time. But hey, it's a free country. Having been rather brutally molested as a child, I just can't find anything like this even remotely funny and can't understand people who do. Maybe if it happened to you? I dunno'. You do have technical skills, though.

my popcorn is almost depleted =(

this....was just stupid not really funny

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3.70 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2012
6:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Original