The Moleman

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I clipped some sound pieces from an episode of Wreckless Media Radio. And tried to create some sort of coherent narrative with it. This short cartoon is the result.

The guys at WMR came up with the concept of "The Moleman". They are a comedy talk radio show. Definitely go check 'em out http://www.wrecklessmediaradio.com they are fucking hilarious!

Also check my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/svenstoffels
More stuff to come!


I cant believe it! Frontpage! thnx guys!


UMMMMMM....... i have the weirdest boner right now, aint proud of it

.... ummmm dude I know this is newgrounds but umm like hey the animation is ok but that creeper vibe that you put out there is a bit too far.

Dude, the audio is from a COMEDY TALK RADIO SHOW. No shit it's gonna sound bad. I thought it was pretty fu... It was good.

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The animation was great. The content, not so much; I'm not complaining because of the topic, but because of the fact that there was no actual punchline or actual humor.

Still, the animation was probably one of the best I've seen on the site.

Half the rating was for the animation quality and the other half for the content...needless to say a solid 0 was given in that department.

For the good note, it was smooth and the voice acting was decent enough to depict crazed child predator. But this doesn't make up for the rest. I work with patients and families dealing with quite an array of problems and this is a subject I hardly find funny or grounds on which to joke about. It was incredibly disturbing as there is a lot of truth to the actions of "moleman"

I was waiting for one redeeming quality, and therefore watched the whole thing, of which was the presence of a warning at the end of the clip towards parents of younger children. This was not there and therefore actually made me sick to my stomach. Once you start to work with children and families who have been emotionally and physically abused in any form you might understand my strong distaste for your animation.

SvenStoffels responds:

"A warning at the end"? This isnt a infomercial its a cartoon!
There's allot of truth behind the actions of the moleman? He's not real.. Its a cartoon character.

I understand you might be offended by this, reading about you past experience with children. But nothing should be sacred. Every subject matter should be free for ridicule. Yes, even the prophet mohammed. Fuck that guy!

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3.70 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2012
6:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Original