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The Moleman

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I clipped some sound pieces from an episode of Wreckless Media Radio. And tried to create some sort of coherent narrative with it. This short cartoon is the result.

The guys at WMR came up with the concept of "The Moleman". They are a comedy talk radio show. Definitely go check 'em out http://www.wrecklessmediaradio.com they are fucking hilarious!

Also check my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/svenstoffels
More stuff to come!


I cant believe it! Frontpage! thnx guys!

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what the actual fuck

Gotta love gross-out humor and animation.

Tee hee make me tiny man brain laugh!

Holy shit! Bottles is a registered pedophile! (No, but seriously, this is amazing.)

That was so hilariously creepy XD