Battle for Gliese

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Fun top-down shooter where you must kill all the aliens on the planet Gliese. Thousands of enemies the attack - can you survive the onslaught?

1. "Firebullets" not affect the rocket launcher;
2. Enemies can't attack you while in their death animation;
3. Fixed bugs after the death of player.

Thanks kellmaster


This is a pretty good reproduction of CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games in Flash. You got their permission to use their game, right? I'm surprised 10Tons Games wouldn't want to be credited in some way in a clone of their game, CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games.

I love CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games, so this was fun to play for a while. You forgot some of the CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games perks ('upgrades' in your clone thereof), though, including some of my favorites, like telekinesis. That takes some of the punch out of the bonus magnet + bonus economist + telekinesis trifecta. I also missed my homing rocket shotgun + angry reloader + fast reloader combo. Further, the descriptions in this clone lack the charm of those found in CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games.

CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games was, is, and ever shall be a great game whose elegance and effectiveness cause it to be recreated quite frequently in Flash. If you love CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games as much as I do (something tells me you do), you should probably credit it when credit is due (which it is). Otherwise, you really need to add something new to the mix, rather than just cutting good features. I saw a CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games clone once that had a robot instead of a soldier, had some non-ripped-off weapons & bosses, etc., for example. That was cool.

4 stars for cloning a good game (CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games)
-1 star for not adding anything original or crediting the original work (CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games)
-1 star for not living up to the original (CrimsonLand by 10Tons Games)
-0.5 stars for shoddy hit detection

that is all.

I think this game has a balancing problem. At first it is fine you fight the enemies, you can evade them and try to keep them in the middle shooting at them the whole time. But the further you progress the more enemies there are and at the late levels the only thing you can do is using the shield items, to stand a chance, if the don't appear and you are not able to find any nukes killing all enemies close to you you are screwed. At that point of the game it takes about 3 seconds for you to die if you don't find a space to hide. It is also pretty much impossible to see anything if the whole level is covered with corpses and blood. That's a weird way of fighting your enemies if you ask me.

It is a great game and something to play id your bored.

i survived the hordes!

yes, it could seem daunting at first, but oh so fun and addicting!

good game!

GREAT GAME! but i have a question. what exactly is it im killing? giant bugs? aliens? the monsters (for me) raise questions. although i get to kill things, and that makes me happy

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3.75 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2012
4:24 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun