PKMN World of Chaos Ep 7

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Absolute Zero Badge 25 Points

Defeat Gym Leader Jay the Armor Titan

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Defeat Dark Kyurem

Author Comments

*UPDATE 25OCT2017* Added video so you can watch on your mobile.
*UPDATE* Medals! You can now earn medals for completing the interactive battles!

Its the winter-y episode 7, that I was hoping to have out while it was still winter. But better late then never *cough* SMBZ... Thanks to flash's minuscule 16k frame limit I had to add a bunch of convoluted coding to get it to work. But I think the animation turned out a bit better in this one. Plus I cleaned up the interactive battle code a lot. So hopefully, you won't find many bugs. If you do spot one, let me know (and be specific)! I'm a little miffed I got so close to the 20mb limit. I really need to cut back on these episodes. Run time is about 20 mins.

The interactive battles are optional for those who don't want to play. This episode also contains the first of my gym leader contest winners. Jay the Armor Titan by Ty Hiro!

Check out the official WoC page beta at http://www.superstuffpro.com/pkmnchaos/
for character bios and an episode guide!

Special thanks to Punisher33 for inadvertently teaching me how to use scenes. I don't know how I got this far without them. And be sure to watch for EASTBEAST'S "War of the Shyguys" coming soon.

As always, please leave some feedback. If you loved it, what did you love? And if you hate it, what do you hate?

Cast list:
TeejayNumber13 - Myself
Rina-Chan - Gardevoir
Seshido - Jay, Pryce


I cracked up when he fell and said ow! xD

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I pretty much died when I heard 'Take your clothes off, Gardevoir' The voice acting made it so much funnier.

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I can tell you guys, that Teejay is committed to this series and it should be something to follow. Especially with the constant improvements, as in my opinion, every episode is better than the last. That being said there are different kinds of episodes, ones which progress the plot, and others which are more erratic and action filled. This one, to me has both and didn't have the feeling of a "Filler," which is what I like about the series. And there are always surely to be tiny cosmetic errors with coding and flash, just as sure there will always be people eager to point them out. The important ones are the big ones, which are mostly taken care of. Anyway I hope you continue to improve the series. For anybody that is a fan, I did a little art piece tribute of one of the scenes, you can find in my art section or here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ea stbeast/does-this-make-me-look

Great work and very fun gameplay. The stories just keep getting better and better! I loved when you implemented the "participate" option into the episodes, it makes it more fun and I also liked that you added the voices. The implementation of pokemon music really fits in and I liked it very much. I do have to point out a cool glitch though when I chose the "participate" option against Kyourem. I chose houndour and burned Kyourem. Then I went with dig and Kyourem attacked me with glaciate. My houndour got the status "frozen", but he was still beneath the surface as it was using dig. All of Kyourem's attacks missed and at the same time he was getting burned every turn. While that was happening, hondour was still beneath the ground saying "hondour is frozen". Just wanted to point out that glitch I found! Anyways, awesome episode and I hope you keep making more, Teejay!

teejay-number13 responds:

Really? I found that glitch during the testing phase. I could have sworn I took care of it.

This series has such great potential, I love it. I love how you set a dark atmosphere in your story (compared to the overly soft original anime) especially when you touched into the subject of pokemon trading from the earlier episode with the addition of pokemon and trainer deaths. I think if you keep going with this level of controversy and maturity this will soar. At least I hope, because the genre is in need of catering to the grown up masses from the Red/blue days. The end credits looks like something you'd actually see in a televised show. Hope you will be still using voice actors for all future episodes and keep up the good work.

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4.37 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2012
3:08 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place April 22, 2012