PKMN World of Chaos Ep 7

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Absolute Zero Badge 25 Points

Defeat Gym Leader Jay the Armor Titan

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Defeat Dark Kyurem

Author Comments

*UPDATE 25OCT2017* Added video so you can watch on your mobile.
*UPDATE* Medals! You can now earn medals for completing the interactive battles!

Its the winter-y episode 7, that I was hoping to have out while it was still winter. But better late then never *cough* SMBZ... Thanks to flash's minuscule 16k frame limit I had to add a bunch of convoluted coding to get it to work. But I think the animation turned out a bit better in this one. Plus I cleaned up the interactive battle code a lot. So hopefully, you won't find many bugs. If you do spot one, let me know (and be specific)! I'm a little miffed I got so close to the 20mb limit. I really need to cut back on these episodes. Run time is about 20 mins.

The interactive battles are optional for those who don't want to play. This episode also contains the first of my gym leader contest winners. Jay the Armor Titan by Ty Hiro!

Check out the official WoC page beta at http://www.superstuffpro.com/pkmnchaos/
for character bios and an episode guide!

Special thanks to Punisher33 for inadvertently teaching me how to use scenes. I don't know how I got this far without them. And be sure to watch for EASTBEAST'S "War of the Shyguys" coming soon.

As always, please leave some feedback. If you loved it, what did you love? And if you hate it, what do you hate?

Cast list:
TeejayNumber13 - Myself
Rina-Chan - Gardevoir
Seshido - Jay, Pryce


this series just keeps getting better ( and it also makes u look at pokemon at a different perspective )

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Awesome, just as the others. Great work, and I like where the story is going. Thought, i didnt like that you just killed Kyuurem, but i suppose it had to be done. Anyway, those ´unsanctioned temas have quite some cameos, i wonder if that is important or not.

Anyway, keep it up.

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ive seen all the pokemon world of chaos but didnt have an account til now so i just want to say this is the best series ive found on newgrounds and i really hope for more o and i rated all your vids ur awesome bro

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Hell yeah. Just from that ending, i can tell this is going to be going on for a while.

I think this 'old and powerful presence' and the creator of the clouds and all that is most likely Mewtwo.
No other Pokemon, besides a brand new one, fits the bill. Sure, he turned good at the end, but I've seen plenty of fan-made things that make Mewtwo evil again.

Oh! Perhaps someone captured Mew and tried to turn him/her/it into a shadow Pokemon, and all this craziness resulted from it?

Damn my inability to wait. I'm looking forward to wherever these animations go.

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this was pretty good had everything in it teejay your good at what u do man keep it up :)

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Apr 20, 2012
3:08 PM EDT
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