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Get the Kobra Team together and clear the path!

This is just a short tech demo for a hopefully upcoming game.
I have been improving the game constantly based on community feedback so any comments you can leave me are very much appreciated :D

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good good
When the full version out?

Since it's not really a complete game, there's not much content I can comment on.
Anyway, the graphics look sufficiently polished up enough, so I think you did pretty well there.

As for game play, you should include a instructions page at the front menu so that the player can find out all the controls at the start. The tutorial at the beginning should still be kept as well though, because there are some people who don't read instruction pages.

On this note, I couldn't figure out how to change weapons. On my first playthrough, I got a M16 and then couldn't change it out for anything else. I'm pretty positive I moved over a shotgun (and it disappeared, so presumably I took it) but I never could change to it. On the second play through, I got a Desert eagle at first, then later moved over the couple of weapons that the boxes at the end provided and saw that I quickly changed to shotgun and then a M16. I presume that the game considers M16 > shotgun > Deagle > your original pistol. And thus only allows you to gain weapons in that order of succession (as in, if you have a shotgun, you can only get M16 but not the Deagle). You should allow the player to keep the different weapons and switch them (with number keys and Q and E key for example), or if you only allow a small number of weapons (eg. games often have only a primary and secondary weapon), allow picking and dropping of weapons.

The previous games allowed switching of characters, that seemed to be missing here. Probably because all the characters were probably the same. I liked it better when there were differentiated into different classes (maybe make the classes chooseable). It makes more sense to have different types of characters working together.

Also, you should include a flashlight. It's dark, flashlight help the player see what's in front of him better (as should be the case.

On a final note: Since you're simply updating your previous versions of the game, it's much better to include a change log as well. It allows people to see what's changed and make testing a lot easier. Newgrounds doesn't really seems to be the place for beta versions of games. Then again, the part where they hosted alpha/beta versions of games seems to be gone a long time ago. You'll probably need to make bigger changes than what you have done here, maybe use this demo to try out ideas that you may have for different stages etc.

Rowkilla responds:

Thank you for your comment!

Yes you are correct about the weapons, when you pick up a weapon from the ground it automatically gives it to the guy on your squad with the worst weapon. So when you had a M16 and picked a shotgun, one of the AI with a pistol or deagle got it. I removed the ability to have multiple weapons since I made sure they were superior. An M16 is better in every way than a Shotgun.

I removed changing characters because I'm taking the game in a slightly diferent direction, more story based rather than sandbox so I want to have a clear protagonist, although I will implement stats to each of them so they feel a bit different.
I haven't added a flashlight because it was causing severe lag issues but if I can get them fixed I'll certainly add it :)

All in all thanks so much for your feedback :D

Has potential

Rowkilla responds:


I say its copied from left 4 dead

Rowkilla responds:

It is in fact inspired by left 4 dead since I love that game but calling this a copy? really? If you truly believe that then to you every game with zombies and 4 guys is a copy of left 4 dead...

Comment: you can replace the current version rather than uploading nearly the same game over, and over, and over again. It'll make your recent submissions area cleaner, and it will ensure that a new version doesn't get voted down because "we've seen this already"

Rowkilla responds:

If I simply update the older versions they won't get bumped up, I won't get any views and subsequently I won't get any feedback which is my main goal.

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Apr 20, 2012
10:41 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional