Labyrinth iXi

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Crush tons of monsters and robots with your battle jeep and reveal amazing story about iXi Labyrinth!

Basic controls:
W,A,S,D - movement
Left mouse button - shoot
Tab - objectives
F1 - help

Basic gameplay:
Shoot monsters and drive over their corpses
to gather precious liquid.
Sell liquid, buy ammo, upgrade at repair stations.

Total 15 levels with final boss. Use rockets and mines for large
enemies and large groups of enemies. Use electromagnet and biosupressor to deal with a lot of weak but agile enemies. By playing that way you will save ammo!
There are no music in game due to need to keep game's file size less then 10mb and now game's size is 9.8 mb. I suggest to make a playlist in your player and play your favourite music while playing game.

Please rate, comment, show to your friend! Thank you!

----------------------UPD ATE 1------------------------
Language in dialogs now fixed thanks to Perpluid!

----------------------UPD ATE 2------------------------
If game goes slow for you click on the light bulb in the upper right corner ( where add to favourites button located )
it will disable NG ads which consume a lot of CPU as I find out.
----------------------UPD ATE 3------------------------
Guys you could pass and enjoy game without premium items
you just need to use ammo wisely but if you don't want try to figure out best strategies and just want to humiliate bots you could buy premium items. HSW-II has 250 bullets, ML Patroit 12 missiles, X-Kvazar laser restores much faster and have high damage.


Nice graphics and fun idea, but it gets old fast.

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Septem responds:

Thanks. But it really depends on what kind of player you are.

It wasn't anything to really go back to and there are many mechanical functions you went with that I disagree with.

First off: Lack of a tutorial. You get a little "how to play" control scheme that I remember from demos for games like from the Play Station Underground back when Sony launched the first PS. I skipped the tedious and slow dialogue which may have held some important information for me, but I didn't want to play a game which focused on the element of "patience". I started and saw the money and the blue goo I was collecting and I knew my objective, but I didn't realize you could actually use a shop in-map until I already completed the first level. This wasn't too bad, but seriously? You are going to have little places to buy crap and not even explain they are there with a quick straight forward tutorial? How hard would that have been really to make a linear tutorial?

Another issue was the idea of purchasing ammo which you lacked. In the game you gave 4 devices and one of those devices could recover health after every 30 seconds upon usage and up to 30%, so obviously buying that first eliminated the need to ever buy repairs. And you get your best equipment so quickly in the game that the only use of those stations is for ammunition. What the hell? So ammunition is pretty cheap and with so much money there really is no point to making us have to purchase ammunition anyway.

Having to return to resupply so many times in a single match became utterly repetitive quickly and turned this game to utter bogus. This stupid manipulative mechanic made things rather ridiculous. It's a feeble attempt to make a game seem more "difficult" by making the time you spend in the game extended unnecessarily.

What also annoyed me was that getting within the proximity of a "teleport" (call it a fucking portal) would make you progress to the next level without consent. I wanted to clear maps before continuing on to the next, but felt forced forward with no option to complete a level.

Now to give you some kudos, you did manage to create a game with non-linear mechanics within the stages, you provided enough direction to get us where we want to go, but you also truly kept to the advertisement of a "labyrinth" and I can appreciate that. I also liked the detail in weapon damage and accuracy, but think you should have included what the highest ammo capacity was. Also it would have been nice to have individual upgrades for weapons or even for the general machine such as speed upgrades or health upgrades. Armor would have been nice as well as something to null damage. There also felt like a significant lack of devices, and I found the devices were very helpful and would have appreciated if there were more.

So overall I think this game was garbage to play, but the potential ripe and ready.


Well look at the bright side, at least your game isn't broken.

Septem responds:

All problems you describe in first paragraph of your review because you did not want to invest 10 seconds of time to go over help screen showing up right at start. How you could play game if you do not want to know minimum amount of rules?

this is awful. The grahs are nice and the idea is OK. the controls are already a bit tedious but workable. The upgrades are minimal and although noticable, no big difference seems to be there. The launcher misses very often and is actually a pretty crack weapon. in the labry its difficult to hit the towers you need to shoot next to them. overal hitting targets is difficult and buggy.

but then you went out and made a game with tons of enemies, and guns (which you shoot at the same time) with so fkkn little ammo. I played this game way longer then I wanted, cause I was frustrated from lvl 2, but in the labry it gets ridiculious. go out, kill, go back for ammo. go out, kill get back for ammo. and then do that 20 times. The game is not hard at all, but extremely boring.

You did make some mid level stations to resupply, but way to little imo and there werent marked. In some cases you were lucky to find one cause they werent on the main path. btw what were you thinking making levels so GD big without any reference on where to go?? at the very least give a map of where you have been, but rather just give a MAP.

So little ammo, so many enemies, so little resupply points, lame specials, enemies which needed a lot of ammo to kill, buggy crosshair, and probably more made this game very unfinished and lame.

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Septem responds:

First levels pretty linear and there are no need for map. On bigger levels there are actually few resupply stations. Also did not find crosshair buggy. For game not being boring for you consider using resources ( ammo ) wisely and use devices.

1 star for fallout atmosphere.

Septem responds:

LOOOOL You are so kind! XD

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3.23 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2012
9:16 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun