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A mod version was found and three gamers try it out, but with consequences...

This was a long project. Most of it is rotoscope and that takes a long time to make. One of the motion capture actors took a real upper cut to the nose. After cleaning the blood up, he went back at it. If I do anymore rotoscope They will be much faster and cleaner out of what Ive learned from this cartoon.
Thanks Tom for putting up with my trivial questions on getting this posted here.


A Scanner Darkly is an awesome film, I just love it for the animation and all kinds of things. This animation is awesome. You may wonder why I mentioned A Scanner Darkly is because I believe this animation used a form or exactly that, RotoScoping. Awesome, very fluid and loved the intense alterations to the animation characters themselves. The music was awesome, the sound effects were awesome, very enjoyable and loved that it was a little longer than normal (i guess used to watching quick ones). Well for an action animation or something. It had a good time to it. lol

INCREDIBLY excited for your next animation, keep up the awesome work, and More Rotoscoping!!


kalabor106 responds:

Thanks, I'll have to check out Scanner Darkly. Rotoscope is hard but no doubt I'll have another one made in time.

Overall i had my doubts on the animation but fuck it's Super funny

When looking at your Contro animation it is astonishing how far you came in just 2 years. Since you posted Contra Rampage I kept coming back to it since I simply love over the top violence and its absurdity.
While I never played either Contra or Double Dragon I still enjoy these parodies more than most of the rest on this website, partly because you guys put so much effort in it, it seems your portrait of the video game characters is believable. I mean they are literally beating the shit out of every single being(and even objects) that dares to be even close to them. So they gotta be lunatics.
Here are some parts that made this animation really worthwhile:
The animation itself. The outlines of the characters are always moving which brings so much live to even the calmer parts.
When the facial expressions turn from exagerrated to over the top freaked out. And you didn't overused so it doesn't become old and it's always nice to stress the dramatic effects of the situation.
The voice acting is nice and clean, setting up the frame for the action.
Also the end is really nice where the purple headed guy is so pumped by the game he thinks he too could take on that many enemies without any problems(and getting his ass handed to him).

There's only one thing I didn't care for: the dragon part. Setting up the expectation that they are gonna blow up the whole block as dragons and crushing it immediately can be nice. But it dragged on a bit too long, taking away the flow of the action. If it were shorter I believe it wouldn't feel so out of place, interrupting the action to a point where you almost forget the hilarious fight right before.
But that's just my thougts, it is nice to take a short break from the action to prevent it from getting too dull(1-2 heads exploding is fun, but constant explosions get boring pretty fast).
So long story short: Love your work and keep doing what you love, glad that all the work you put in it was worth it.

kalabor106 responds:

The dragon part was something I was arguing with my team about. That it might make or brake the whole cartoon. I had the same feeling that it was a sore thumb in the cartoon. But finally after a while I just gave in and left it in. Glad you liked the animation. Really means a lot when I hear that all this work wasn't for nothing.

i really like fighting sequences
but i didn't really like the voices
animation is not bad too...

Can't say I'm impressed with the storyline, and the humor was a bit bland (though I'm not sure if any it was an inside joke). But DAMN NICE ANIMATION! I've never seen better rotoscope in a flash animation (or any rotoscope in a flash for that matter). I'm assuming all this is done by hand too and not a program.

All in all, big props to you for using rotoscope, hella hard to pull off, and you did well.

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kalabor106 responds:

Yeah all by hand. Wish I had a program to do it to a point. Okay that would just be lazy.

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