Double Dragon DragonsTale

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A mod version was found and three gamers try it out, but with consequences...

This was a long project. Most of it is rotoscope and that takes a long time to make. One of the motion capture actors took a real upper cut to the nose. After cleaning the blood up, he went back at it. If I do anymore rotoscope They will be much faster and cleaner out of what Ive learned from this cartoon.
Thanks Tom for putting up with my trivial questions on getting this posted here.


I don't understand how a project like this only got 5th place; in my opinion, this deserved a higher score. The animation was awesome, and it really brought back some good memories of this game. Any chance you have a link to the actual video before it was rotoscoped?

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kalabor106 responds:

I still have the videos on my computer. I guess I could make a short video of the before and after rotoscope. Just not sure where I'd upload it.

Damn! the animation was insane!!! Though the voices could use a little imrpovement

This... rotoscoping thing.
Where/how did you learn it?
Is it like making an animation straight upon a video, or what?
I'd be eager to check out how would I manage in this rather interesting art :)

kalabor106 responds:

Learned it on the fly really. Did a little on my first animation I submitted to Newgrounds. Then again on this one. Its filming the movie and then drawing on top of it. Creating the character you need. I think that's probably the hardest part. If I could just straight up trace a person rotoscope wouldn't be that hard, but its not that way if you need certain characters. If you like to learn how to do it or have more questions about it just send me a PM I'd be glad to show you or anyone how it can be done.

Great job with everything, its just that some of the voices just felt off, and the silly faces were something that just didn't feel like it would go with this the way it was animated. The dragons thing could have been scripted a little diffrently, it was more of an annoying break in the story continuity, grant I'm sure there were people falling out of their chairs at it. It was a funny concept I just wasn't fond of the execution.

Negativity over, I loved the rest of it, especially the redneck with the AK. If you dont remember to switch to the red F you don't need to be carrying a gun into a fight.

kalabor106 responds:

Totally agree the dragon part was a interruption.

Amazing animation!
Love how the rotoscoping came out - I keep watching it over and over again and your work still amazes me.
I can imagine its a TON of work but please: keep it up!

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah lots of work but dose have its rewards at the end. I'll try.

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4.33 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2012
3:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place April 20, 2012