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Axend 2 Book of Curses

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You have been chosen to find the book of curses!


The double rooms within a double room were so hard. I started to hallucinate and thought my pointer lit up but it was just me lol. These rooms in the games I've played so far are so beautiful. I wonder if any of them are real places on earth? Are you originally from greece @ selfdefiant? You have great taste.

I like the use of a torch for exploration in the dark and a beautiful magical wand to remove a strange dark force. Although some scenes are dark, I didn't feel scared at all. The room with a bloody curtain is creepy.

Puzzles are nicely linked to their clues. Tools are easy to spot against a clean background. One has to have the patience to travel back and forth when a crystal ball costs 75.

EPIC. These games of yours rock! I especially like the different rooms of the asylums/haunted places :D The rooms are creepy but beautiful ina strange way \m/

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You never cease to amaze us, SelfDefiant. I love the spellbook and those gems! You should yeally use gems like that more often!

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These Self Defiant games are especially pleasing and rewarding to those who like to relax and react with the aura in the scenes. I especially like the decrepit abandoned graphics. It's not at all boring as it is not an action adventure game like Andy0900 is wanting. It does more than please and relax. Your mind keeps busy but not so overwhelmed with tasks as other games do. You have to escape so you search for clues. No wonder why such a crowd who loves SD games is growing nonstop every month. I often play the older ones after awhile. It's not a contest game, it's to enjoy and relax with.

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2012
12:46 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click