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Axend 2 Book of Curses

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You have been chosen to find the book of curses!

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great. the unlabeled map was a nuisance for my note taking.

it just required me to open the map in paint and label each room which was a tedious extra step.

still fun though. all puzzles fair and logical as usual.

The double rooms within a double room were so hard. I started to hallucinate and thought my pointer lit up but it was just me lol. These rooms in the games I've played so far are so beautiful. I wonder if any of them are real places on earth? Are you originally from greece @ selfdefiant? You have great taste.

I like the use of a torch for exploration in the dark and a beautiful magical wand to remove a strange dark force. Although some scenes are dark, I didn't feel scared at all. The room with a bloody curtain is creepy.

Puzzles are nicely linked to their clues. Tools are easy to spot against a clean background. One has to have the patience to travel back and forth when a crystal ball costs 75.

EPIC. These games of yours rock! I especially like the different rooms of the asylums/haunted places :D The rooms are creepy but beautiful ina strange way \m/

You never cease to amaze us, SelfDefiant. I love the spellbook and those gems! You should yeally use gems like that more often!