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Clear Vision 5

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#EDIT# April 23rd, 2012 #
Thank you so much for frontpage! It gives me a strange warm feeling inside:S Kinda like when hitting that perfect headshot.

You da best guys! Stay cool!
- Dan


Tyler is an ordinary guy whose patience gets pushed too far. After getting fired as a supermarket cleaner he begins a violent career as a professional assassin. This, however, is also the beginning of social decline, false friends and a spiral of deception. Watch out! You can't trust anyone...


Excellent work. I especially like the way you take wind direction & distance into account for aiming on later levels. It can be a little hard to distinguish targets from civilians, however. Maybe make each one have something distinctive about them so you can tell them apart from the other stick-people.

My only other gripes are that there's no way to replay earlier missions, so once you finish the game, unless you start over from scratch you'll only be able to redo that last mission. Speaking of which, maybe I'm just too nice for a game like this, but that last mission was gruesome. Say what you will about sniping, at least when you go that way you don't suffer like that guy did.

great game plus a hot girl. nice

dont know how to go home

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loved it, especially the last mission just toying with him.. :D

all the medals, and more important a 5 stars game ;)

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4.24 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2012
6:48 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person