BHB Supersluts

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This was made for a contest back at a group of deviantart called ButthurtBrigade.
The contest was about drawing one or many of the girl-mods of the place in swimsuits.
My entry is supposed to be the pixel art only, but i went a little further and added some bonus content, basically some things i hallucinated while doing drugs.

I wanted to hybridize pixel art and flash, but i wanted my own shit, so i drew everything you see. Actually I made everything here except the audio, which is credited to your left. Ah yes, i borrowed a camera sound from a free stock sound website. Also the Pyro. Uh huh.

You won't find it very entertaining as most of the jokes are "local", but i'm hoping someone will evalutate it on the artistic aspect, which i did put effort into (except for the hallucinations, i made those half assed on purpose).

Yeah, keen eyes will notice i heavily based the intro, auido and menu on Catobleper's style. I just find it so good. I tried to emulate it, but failed. I hope next time i can nail it.


Seriously? "Big n***** nostrils? How the fuck do I report this as racist? I rated it a 0

Dude, make more. This is flat-out FUNNY! The song is great, the animations are funny, it's just great in general.

idk didn't really catch my fancy at all. and you really shouldn't put negative comments on negative reviews, thats how peoples vids get taken down

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Apr 19, 2012
2:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Original