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This took me quite a while.
I initially TRIED to steer away from the silly faces, but I enjoy doing them and they keep me entertained. That was one piece of advice Edd gave me before he passed away.
Draw funny faces to keep yourself from getting bored.

Anyway, here is an original short by me. This time, not really a parody.

Feedback is appreciated ^_^


Dude, the "lying voice" is absolutely hilarious! I've watched this flash like 10 times just so I can hear that line again. The movie itself is really funny, good work!!

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Funny. The expressions were pretty good and the voice acting fit well. My only little greivance is not necessarily with the video, but with the way that you animate the mouths on characters. It just looks really floaty and wrong, my personal advice would be to take it at a slower pace and just animate the mouth's shape for certain syllable noises such as "Shhhhhhh" or "UHHHHHH" there's really only 5 or 6, it's simple enough.

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I guess you could say things went a-RYE. Haha, great vid Kawaii

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Jokes are like 400% timing, like, 60% joke, and 25% acting? or something.

Anyway, the timing was good, the little jokes (like the fat guy dragging the bread, his "grocery" list, etc..) were good additions, the high voice was pretty funny.

Well done, bravo, etc..

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I thought this was a great movie if only because something similar happened to me. I was a big fan of the "House Of The Dead" games. I was thinking someone could make a parody of it, but the only thing I could think of that rhymed with "dead" was "bread". I could never make something funny out of that, so I'm glad you made it for me. Hey, bread products are some of my favorite kinds of food! The animation is as good as ever.

It's really funny when his long becomes long at the end. He's transforming into some horrible monstrosity that is out to kill us all or something. I would have liked to see the actual bread in action. Of course, it wouldn't have made much sense. Comedy isn't of course supposed to make sense.

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4.10 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2012
11:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Original