ME3: El-Cid's Best Worst

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G'day. Here's my ME3 fart joke from Ego's collab. Watch the whole enchilada here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=r6e9nokg1NQ

K, bye.


This is hilarious. Truly. I've heard alot about Mass Effect series, but this... might be the funniest thing to come of it, even though its a pathetic attempt at bad mouthing it. Bravo to potty mouths and brutality!

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El-Cid responds:

Out of the mouth of babes and potty mouths . . .

a good and funny video but seriously, i cant understand people who write they should have saved the money just because of the ending. I was disappointed in the ending, too but it still is a great game in an even greater trylogy.

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def one of the better alt endings : )

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C'mon it's a great trylogy, yeah the end sux but you guys can't say: "Saw the video and saved $$$", and shit like that, that's stupid, stupid and gay.

Short and amusing

This one was ok, it was entertaining, i was taken back by the "SIZE"abit, but i guess it was well worthit, just took a little longer to load up this entry, I do want to take some time here and say Congrats on the awards it does seem worth the time of this flash and the award shows you put some good effort and time into it so nice job indeed on the awards. LOL ok so i really like the direction of this with a narrative style, but i also found this animation to be kind of short, still got some laughs from it and all, and was pretty amsuing, animation and art was notbad actually and everything ran smoothly i thought, So my advice on a few things would be to add some "SUBTITLES" and make it longer of a flashwith more to it, just a thought anyways.

So as suggested. some subtitles would be nice, more effort on making it longer and more of a story there, even if its short it could go just a tad longer.

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Apr 18, 2012
4:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody