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Use the MOUSE to control your plane, Left-Click to fire.
Hold SPACEBAR to use boost.
[1..4] or [Q..E] to switch weapons

Don't forget to use BOOST (HOLD space key)!

This is not a reupload. Some "hacker" uploaded the game not just here on NG, but all over the place.


it gets a bit repetitve

Overall this is a great game. It is a qucik little thing one can do to kill some time perhaps. Though it was extreamly easy even towards the later levels. Especially with the plasma weapon. Even when using it's weakest form, the game is still relitivly easy and with full armor upgrades you are practicly invincible. Which would be my biggest thing is to work on the difficulty of the game.

Some possible things to consider for your next submission.
1) Increase the difficulty
2) Add boss fights.
- This would add some more interest to the game and some greater challenge. Also make it worth spending all the money on the higher upgrades.
3) Add waves.
- This will allow for more gameplay and make you have to purchase the upgrades in order to last through them all. The waves would increase in difficulty with each wave and with each level.
4) Make random upgrades for surival mode.
- This will make survival mode much more interesting. Starting out with all of the weapons makes it rather easy to get far. To make it a bigger challenge. Instead of the blue orbs dropping power ups, make them also drop upgrades. You can abse the tendancy of the upgrades on time, number of enemies killed, or any other aspect you like. Doing this will not only increase the difficulty of survival, but make each run unique.

those are just some sugestions that may help improve the next submission as a whole. I hope you found them helpful and I loo kforward to playing more of your games.


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What are cluster bombs, howd you change to them or use them? Anyways, smooth game man.

Not Bad. But i think i heared the Music somwhere before.

Cool Game! But the "Story Modus" is to easy.

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2012
12:53 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight