Awesome Planes

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Use the MOUSE to control your plane, Left-Click to fire.
Hold SPACEBAR to use boost.
[1..4] or [Q..E] to switch weapons

Don't forget to use BOOST (HOLD space key)!

This is not a reupload. Some "hacker" uploaded the game not just here on NG, but all over the place.


Everything about the way this game feels is perfect; don't change a thing in the controls. You might want to think about adding some more upgrades though. Like heat seeking to missiles, impact damage, boost speed/warm up time (acceleration), and add twice as many levels to the "campaign". Also, survival mode needs some serious tweaking so it can last longer. Basically I have a problem with a game this fun being over in 10 minutes. I'll give you a 5 on the rating, but taking half a star off here for the length. Awesome planes 2 has better last at least a half hour or I'm blamming it :P

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Nice graphics, controls and gameplay. But really, really too short dude, finished in 10 minutes.

Good game though, keep it going !

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Nice graphics, but very short and repetitive. Also the controls were rather shitty in my opinion. At least I couldn't get along with them very well. Also the whole upgrading system is a little.... cheap, concerning amount of stuff you can buy and the actual prizes.

Fantastic game!

The controls were very simple, but still very intuitive. Playing the game felt right. The music was matched perfectly to how the game played, and I love the little tag you add on at the end of every level; instead of switching to victory music, there is just a little line added on to the existing music to make it end. That sounded great. Enemy progression throughout the game was cool, different weapons allowed for this to happen nicely. Only real gripe was that by going for an early laser basically meant I could plow through the level until the last few. Would love to see you make another one of these, only change up the level styling a bit. Maybe add some pathways or something so that the game is not just one infinite corridor. Lastly, I would kill to have a launch sequence! The first time I played was confusing because my plane took off, and then the game changed colors and there were enemies everywhere. Drastically different backgrounds with some sort of interchange other than the screen blacking would be way cool. All-in-all, wonderful game. Had fun playing it!

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ok this game is amazing!!!!!! however it will not save anything i do, so im constantly trying to work all the way back to my last quit-point..and i end up having to stop playing to do something. anyway to fix this? if its just me lemme know so i dont go crazy over it...cause i will...i like this game O.o..... lol

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2012
12:53 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight