Awesome Planes

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Use the MOUSE to control your plane, Left-Click to fire.
Hold SPACEBAR to use boost.
[1..4] or [Q..E] to switch weapons

Don't forget to use BOOST (HOLD space key)!

This is not a reupload. Some "hacker" uploaded the game not just here on NG, but all over the place.


Its good but not great.It kept getting boring.And i thought it wus gonna be a boss battle at the end.So 2 and a half star.

it gets a bit repetitve

not too bad. Fun but short.

Pretty good game, though the control scheme takes a bit to get used to - and even then, it still feels "awkward".

With that in mind, I'd have to say the only real flaw of power-ups is the "afterburner" - seriously, even at full upgrade, it feels pretty moot to me. I'd either recommend increasing the amount of energy you get to burn as it levels (by a considerable amount - possibly four times as much), or greatly increasing the regeneration rate of the afterburner power.

Also, if the laser became slightly wider as you upgraded it, this would be a decent way to compensate for the control scheme.

Outside of that, this is a well made game, and doesn't seem to have any noticeable glitches, so kudos.

Though, I'd have to say, overall it seems a little too small for me. The later stages should have more enemies spawn, possibly swarms of smaller guys. At that point, you're annihilating them anyway, so it'd give it a bit more 'epic' of a feel if you're wiping them out in waves.

its okay man.

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2012
12:53 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight