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Silly Sausage

rated 3.92 / 5 stars
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Apr 18, 2012 | 7:47 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Use your wit and get the lovable stretchy dog to the finish.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I was truly impressed at how long it took me to complete a level. I have no idea in the slightest why anyone would think this was too easy. It wasn't until the second level that I read the instructions under the "Help" section. I really loved how cartoony this dog character was. He just stretched out in the funniest ways possible. It's the kind of thing you would see in a classic cartoon.

I wasn't even aware of the hearts on the top of the screen at first. The music was nice and fit the fun tone of the game. I'm really hitting the jackpot with good submissions lately. We don't put them on the front page for nothing! As always, you guys at Nitrome have some great graphics.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Whenever people (especially in these reviews) argue that games that aren't frustratingly hard would just be [insert some easy game here], they completely dismiss the fact that there are in fact games that span the gamut from unchallenging and boring to insane and frustrating. It is, believe it or not, possible to strike a fair balance between the two.

And Nitrome consistently fails at striking this balance.

The problem isn't that there's some element that makes the game frustrating to play, or even multiple frustrating elements. No, the real problem is that they always pick the same frustrating elements which, as so happens when these specific elements combine, turns what would be an otherwise enjoyable game into a hair-tearing, rage-inducing nightmare.

So, I will list every frustrating element in this game.

These ones are the most troublesome, and are never addressed, much to my chagrin. You can see how, when they combine, they make the game truly nasty. I will also suggest how they can be addressed (sometimes even effortlessly):

- Total score is the sole meaningful indicator of achievement. (The game could offer optional stars or time trial medals or what-have-you to collect in each level, which could then be displayed under their respective levels.)
- Top personal scores in individual levels are not saved. (For the OCD crowd, being able to get and display a perfect score in each level is an amazing experience.)
- Top personal total score is not saved. (Save the player's top personal score. Give them something that they can beat, as even the 100th high score is too much for most people.)
- High scores are not enabled on Newgrounds. (Enable them, or at least warn players that all of their efforts are going to be completely pointless at this website.)
- Only the 100 top high-scores of all-time are saved, meaning the vast majority of people can never hope to appear on it. (Include daily, weekly, and monthly high-score tables.)
- Total score resets to 0 upon dying or restarting. (Try reducing the penalty to something like 50% loss of total score, to help lessen the blow somewhat.)

It wouldn't be nearly so bad if even one or two of the issues above were addressed. Not only that, but when all of those elements above combine with:

- A steep difficulty curve
- Tons of obstacles to pay attention to
- A Score Penalty for playing too slowly (Time Bonus)
- A Score Penalty for not grabbing huge numbers of gems at once (Level Bonus)

The result is teeth-grindingly painful. Obviously, it would be a bad idea to fool around with these ones, as they are crucial to the game's challenge, but as the first set of frustrating elements meshes so poorly with these ones, it gives the first set even more reason to be addressed.

I really hope the developers at Nitrome will take the time to read this, and consider making the changes I suggest above. Their games have so much potential to be fun, and yet are constantly bogged down by these problems.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a great game, but you lose half a a star for the difficulty curve looking too much like a sine wave. You've got hard levels near the beginning and a few easy levels near the middle, but I don't know about the end because 18 is just brutal.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

It is just a rip of Armadillo by weebl! =(


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dear God, this is the most amazing thing to ever be created. Also, WHAT SONG IS THIS?! I MUST HAVE IT! MUST DOWNLOAD!

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