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Silly Sausage

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Use your wit and get the lovable stretchy dog to the finish.


para mi que este juego no es tan malo de echo es entretenido bueno para pasar el rato...

It's not bad. I love the concept, and it's quite unique. I don't have an issue with the controls, and fail to see what everyone problem is. I agree with blurrymadness about the enemies and their random paths, it gets frustrating. Enough of the anti-grid banter. I'm not even going to get into it... just stop... lol

I feel the controls should be better as ppl already said, you can pretty much read "blurrymadness"'s review

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I guess it's the first 4.5 rating I've given but I'm happy I did. This game is close to perfection in its own genre: lovely graphics, original gameplay, perfect difficulty growing rate. The bg music is way too repetitive though, and this explains the 0.5 points that I have to cut from the rating.

Truly a little gem in the video-games scene.

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The control scheme is the biggest issue here. I felt the controls were unresponsive, unintuitive, and unforgiving. Why when I go through a tube my up is still relative to my entering the tube, but my other directions are *not* relative; I don't know. Pick one and stick with it! I got to about lvl 20 before raging at this thing.

The next annoying bit was the spiky enemies who literally move RANDOMLY but with no indication of which direction! Why would you have random movement with no way to react properly!? I get that some games are all about that; but not puzzle games. Puzzle games are for you to think your way through a situation and pure randomness adds more of a luck factor than anything.

Pick something like "they always move clockwise" or "they always move to the farthest wall" or "They always cross gaps" or SOMETHING. Pure random movement is lazy and annoying for a player.

That said, the type of game was fun, interesting, and different than I assumed at first. The fact you grow and ungrow is pretty sweet. It's just odd to me that when shrinking I can't change direction to counter the shrink. Stuff like that irks me because you probably implemented *something* to do that, but there are no instructions or training exercises to figure out how the controls are *supposed* to work.

I'd give it a 5 if the controls made a bit more sense and the spiky enemy was not random.

In response to a few other posts; I think it feels unresponsive because of the same reason they're saying. it has to be right on or something; which doesn't feel right in this day and age. It makes sense when you're playing a grid to be right on, but when everyone plays games that are no longer tied to grids it ceases to feel like it's functioning properly. Frankly I'd take it out of it's grid state.

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3.92 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2012
7:47 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other