Ping Pong Manic

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In Ping Pong Manic game you have to control the ball with your racket. The aim of game is very easy. Juggle the ball in field. Your balance and your timing is very important for this game.


It's worth one star do to effort.
But it's personally looped and quite boring.
The physics are off and this game could be a lot better.
It looks as if it was a run down version of pong.
I'm not a pong expert but this is kind of ruined.
Some constructive criticism would be having maybe different levels..
Having the circle get smaller in each level.
Then a 'Challenge' mode. Like the form it is in, infinite. Same distance circle.
Overall this game only deserves one star for it's low physics and it's run-down version of pong.

Awful. If you click on the middle of the ball and dont move your mouse the ball bounces forever. Also, is the guy on the 3 second sound loop saying "I believe in John Connor?"

Pretty good game
Although there is one exploit that allows you to get an infinite number of points
If you click start in the right area, the ball with land right in the center of the paddle.
This makes the ball bounce in one place forever.

Absolutely horrendous game. Completely off the wall from any form of physics, no power ability and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH PING PONG! This isn't just a bad game, it's false advertising!

You call it "PIng Pong Manic", but the title should be more representative of "Hit a friggin' ball into the air like It's fun because I'm on acid".

A scoring system comparing high scores to other players. Nice. Also, the game has no ability to control the power of how far the ball is shot, only basing how far it will go on the alignment to the center. And another issue which I have will many mouse games is the fact they can be entirely mouse driven when they don't have to be, not to mention speed in this isn't at a set thing it's based on the ability to react, which means just adjusting mouse sensitivity can resolve the issue of following entirely. If the game had a set mouse speed then it would also be able to implement a directional control using the keyboard. Using a laptop it's hard to control your mouse when it's just a stupid pad.

With little to no interesting sound files or even anything interesting in the background this game lacks dynamic, particularly since it has absolutely no competitive quality to it like versing an A.I. The game is entirely played by yourself with no computer interaction or player versus player involvement.


False advertising and poor game making.


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2.78 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2012
6:31 AM EDT
Skill - Other