Pokemon Red: Rock Tunnel

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Whenever I played Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, I never had HM05 (Flash) at the first dark cave.. I can still hear the Zubat cries to this day.

Also, what video games should I do animations for next? I'm considering doing more Pokemon animations, maybe a series in the Kanto region.. Or Kirby or something.


This animation did relate back to when I played Pokemon Blue for the first time (my 4-year-old mind was blown aback), when all the sound effects of the Pokemon or anything is general scared the living hell out of me. I didn't figure out until 3 weeks into the game that I could actually turn down the sound on the Gameboy Color.

Although it did relate, it didn't keep me enthralled. Everything was just an expected montage of some sort, the death of the Charmeleon being the latter of it all. Oh, it's unable to battle!? Big surprise there. When I see the ratings of these not-so-fairly-new animations, I always tend to be disappointed on how the Newgrounds public can easily get that entertained over a popular meme of some sort (not saying this is one, but the whole "death of Pokemon" seems to be going around a lot on the web these days).

The artwork itself was actually very well done, for the most part. I don't know if the Charmeleon was supposed to look like a deranged miniaturized dinosaur or anything like that, but it just added to the flare, if you will. It's one of the only tolerable reasons why I gave this short movie a 3 star rating. If you just improved on a sense of humor instead of a bunch of yelling, then I think that it would leave me coherent enough to write a review on how humorous and funny this movie actually is.

Best of luck.

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TerminalMontage responds:

Hey thanks, I am still working on my humor, in all honesty I didn't think my other 3 animations were funny either. But practice makes perfect!

Okay, so we're supposed to rate this on how good IT is and not based on how Pokemon parodies have been done to death. Wait, sorry I can't.
Well, the animation was good and so was the voice acting. About the only thing flashes are judged on these days. And for the love of God, Red is not the only character in the pokemon games. It would be nice to see other characters like , I don't know... The other 8 or so main characters from the other games for a change!

TerminalMontage responds:

Wait. There are more Pokemon games?

That scarred me for life.... But 10-year old you was HILARIOUS!!

Pretty average video. You're animation skills could use some work, but I see some potential.

good im only dowin 2.5 stars though charmilon died):

TerminalMontage responds:

His flame was still on! He could've lived for all you know!

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4.32 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2012
8:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Frontpaged April 18, 2012
  • Daily Feature April 19, 2012
  • Weekly 2nd Place April 25, 2012

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